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Oh man, I thought Tomato Clinic and two girls make a game were pretty good, but this has to be my favorite game from you! Cyrus was pretty cute, and I personally ship him and Yen (since I also like Letta/Vesper). Sooty did help whenever I got too tired clicking on the berries so that was a neat touch, and the plot was so nice, being simply presented yet dealing with an issue that is still relevant to this day.

Both games are made using the Ren'py Visual Novel Engine.

I usually never comment on the games I play, but this one struck me differently than those games so I feel like you deserve one.

I really love this game. It's heavier on the characterization, which I like. I truly felt like I got attached to Jack, Grace, and Anna. It's nice that we actually learn about the characters before making the choices at the end. And about the choices, they're actually easy to make instead of the usual visual novel where you just kind of guess which choice works in your favor, though it also fits with the game on how you learn more about them before actually choosing which person to end up with.

Now I'm going to talk about my choice of ending and more about the plot, so spoiler warning: Grace just wasn't the type of character I could imagine Jack living with, so I went to the ending where I killed her off and stayed with Anna. Kind of an asshole choice from me, to be honest, but I did read the wolf and sheep story wrong at first and thought Jack killed Anna's family (which ended up being right), and I liked Anna over Grace (and Anna, by the way, is an amazing yandere that reminded me of that one Stephen King novel, Misery, so good work on building her up that way), so that ended in the most logical conclusion I could think of. As for why I saw it as Jack killing Anna's family, I'm not sure. The thing that struck me hard was the fact that he didn't actually see his memories, rather taking the book at face value and mistaking the wolf for Anna. And again, I read it wrong at first, so when the plot twist came, I wasn't too surprised. Oops.

However, overall I was impressed with the game and I hope I can see more games from you in the future.

I don't have narcolepsy, I just played this since it showed up in my tags. I got the ending where she grew apart from Sadie and that hit me, because even without an illness like that, I deal with growing apart from friends. This game is pretty emotional and I'm glad I played it, though.