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I myself do not have DID disacosiative identity disorder but just from reading the description of the game it is a very unrealistic and bad portrayel of what DID is and I would please ask you to change the description of the game a little bit by instead of calling them characters they are alters and if you are going to make another game with a character that has DID please do not make the alters that are not the host be murderers or phsycopaths because all alters are normal people this is not me trying to tell you off or say that your game is bad I am just trying to say that it could be very insulting if a person with DID came to play this game please do not take any offense I am just trying to inform you on the stigma that you are enforcing and how it negetivly affects the DID community and if you are going to make another game connected to this please call the alters that are hurting Kyle and his ssytem Persecutors because that is the exact ter,

whenever I try to play it the file just opens up internet explorer do you know what might be happening?

I have no words

new invite pls

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the first set of numbers says


the second set of numbers says



the third set of numbers says


         ONLY PAIN

An especially creepy horror game became an emotional story once I decoded the sets of numbers.The decoder used will be linked.paste the numbers into the 'HEX' section then click 'DECODE'