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WOW!! This was so cool! you've got a great sense of humor my guy!

WOW. This game is absolutely fantastic. I adore the art style, especially the CG's and all the effects were really well done!! This was a blast to play (and replay, gotta get all those endings), hope you keep making great games!!

Absolutely one of the best games i have ever played. It's the perfect balance of funny, horrifying, and lovable, and it has great replay value! Ending #1 is my favorite ;)

I was really enjoying this game, I'd been playing it for at least a month and made a lot of progress. I hadn't logged on for a day or two because I'd exhausted almost every chat and action option (besides any of the major decisions) but when I went to log back on, the icon was gone from my desktop. I don't remember deleting it from my computer and it's really upsetting to lose all of my progress :( is there any way to restore a deleted game? 

Ik you left this comment a while ago, but there is a conductor route!! its v interesting but kind of hard to find. Good luck!