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Thank you, and you're welcome! :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! From my limited research I found train sims seem ok with you missing stops (Train Sim 2020) at least until you reach the end.

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In Cab Ride the down key increases acceleration, the up key increases breaking (this is to match a train cab-type throttle).

You're welcome and thanks for sharing :) Hope it was a positive experience.

cool, I will give this some thought for a future release.

No problem! The music not immediately coming back on is a known issue - it should start back up when the time of day next triggers the next track. If I can get the on screen buttons to work at some point, this will be fixed.

That video was the original inspiration for Cab Ride! :)

I have this planned! Collecting materials for it at the moment.

This has now been added to the pause menu. This might move to an on-screen button in future if the mobile view changes, but this allows the sound to be disabled for now :)

'Very Chilled' Mode is now added :) (no HUD, bar station names)

Thanks! I'm planning an 'even more relaxed' mode soon, which removes the tutorial/goal/objective messages, leaving just the conductor message.

The red + green markers are red/green signals and my attempt at faking Unreal 1/UT99 style lighting bloom :)

Thanks! Really great to hear that :)


Was the in game text easier to read than the title screen text?

The font is fixed by PICO-8 but it would be possible to increase the contrast of the text.

Regarding sound - difficult, there is no ambient sound. We cut engine hum at the last minute as it messed with the music in the web player and couldn't find a way to get them to play nice.

If you finish a journey (hold left) you will get a journey report with that info summarised. An aggregate score might be something I investigate in future, but there are several features I want to get in v1.1 first.

Thanks, I'm glad! :)


Thanks! Really glad you and your wife have enjoyed it so much!

Re: sound toggle. Yes, definitely - it's near the top of my TODO. I didn't realise the mobile view of the game disables/hides that option. This will be in the next patch release (a few days away hopefully).

Apologies - the file was attached in error. Downloadable builds coming later this week. The latest version is playable at

Thank you! :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you! :)

Brilliant, glad it's filled a gap :)

Haha thanks! :)

Thanks! Glad it's been worth the wait!

Thank you! :)

Nice! That's what I was going for :)

Thanks! :)

Wow, thanks for the video!


They will be up by this Saturday :)

:) Thanks Paul!


Thanks you!

Thank you!

Thanks! I've recently updated the instructions with more details. Let me know if this helps or if there is something I've missed.

It is possible that 'Express' mode is activated. Pressing the right arrow key enables/disables it. In Express mode, all other input is disabled and the train drives itself. I'm making a note to make this work like announcing the last stop, where you hold down the left arrow key, so it is more difficult to accidentally end up in that mode.

Thanks for reporting this :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks! BBS link is which I have added a link to the description.