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Cool on the other geometry stuff!

And yah, no worries on the devlog... not a request as I know it's hard enough just making stuff, so thanks for making it.  馃挭

This was really cool, kinda like playing a demoscene submission via the web.  

I'd love to read a devlog if there is one.

This was really fun and very believable and fast 3D environment.

Oooh. This was so much fun, plenty of homage and references baked in, very playable, and wow, well thought out levels and puzzles. I don't know if I played the reworked bosses but whew that final one was a bit of a doozie at first. Can't wait to read devlog and level tools!



Great use of sound effects and voice(s).

Masterful controls, you really feel in command of a vessel, and need a light touch, all things are comfortably and functionally within reach. 

 It draws you in...

The way the protagonist slaps the comms, and the use of lighting mechanics.

I would play a full-res version of this, it's really immersive.

Can I help with other murders?

Great mechanics, fun...


Smooth physics and tunes.

This is an sneakily amazing and charming metroidvania.

Makes you learn and earn movement and keep coming back and looking for new secrets. 

The creature and area names really give it depth and make you want to keep exploring and there are several areas seemingly just out of reach, but then you find a way.

I could only get to 97% or so and will likely keep playing to explore since it really has a feel of a different world.

Can't wait for more additions and a formal release.

Also great example of what is possible with tic-80 in the landscape of Fantasy Consoles.


How do you reset the resolution to default if the resolution is unusable to click the menus?

What a tasty morsel of a game.

Great mechanics, palette, and sprites gives a pretty solid immersion in one portion.

Can't wait for more levels.

24050 on first play, made it to the first boss.  smooooooth gameplay. 馃憤

This is really fun to play.  Really nailed the asthetic... moar pleez.

How'd I do time-wise for a first-run?  Cool game objects... 馃ぃ

Ayla, just saw this is now included in the .2 P8 release as an extra pre-installed game...  congrats! very cool.

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Turbo Cyberpunk/Vaporwave Prince of Persia on steroids.

I opened this and had a hard time putting it down.

Can't wait to see the updates.

I love the advanced maneuvers, really makes you feel like you get into a groove with the character.

Also the artwork and the color palate are great and I def want to see what happens to the characters, they are quirky and interesting.

What's in Lauren's? locked room???? I want to laser-eye it... haha

I think I saw everything there is to see so far (easter eggs?) and then opened up the videos in the comments here while waiting for the next update.

If you need any help with planning, process or tools in keeping this moving don't hesitate to reach out.