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no im pretty sure you put it in a script

my web skills were crap back then

now i can patch some clients

asset delivery sites are easy to make


$ass = $_GET['id'];

$v = $_GET['version'];

if (isset($_GET['id'])) {


} elseif (isset($_GET['version'])) {


} else {

die('Unspecified Asset'); 



i meant the post

Properties > Unblock


now its deleted

i mean ACTUAL revivals, like ones with a site (Finobe, polygon, calvy, etc)

The one i linked? It would be EXTREMLY difficult.

lol no

i thought it would be easy, (like using some joinscript) but it didnt accept the script /:

i do have a 2016 player from RBLXhub on my site tho ( )

rip rblxhub

i dont have discord

Calvy is under database problems rn, polygon closed games and novetus doesnt have 2012

is it studio,player or both?

me, i could maybe patch it

E= early

M= Mid

L= Late

Its made by billybloxxer, the guy who made RBLXHub

oh then why does austiverse use novetus

also the revival is gonna be private, i just wanna test my web skills

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Im trying to make a old roblox revival based on novetus, but im using windows XP to develop it (so i can publish to my windows server 2003 vm) and i cant use URI on windows xp becuase it thinks i dont have admin bc UAC wasnt in windows xp

Havent tested it tho


Batches dont ruin your PC, They are just files that run stuff in command line. also it wont break DLLs

Eczeds modpack or another modpack

Also, what wine version do you use?

Maybe install Mono or the .NET packages?

If you want it on linux, get wine 6.

austiverse has more games now, but u need to register

Yep it does, quite well actually

I hosted my own test server using windows server 2003 and joined it on XP

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also is there an archive of project 7?

edit: i mean alt download

Oh. i dont have discord. and im not making one

Where do i even get project 7 ?