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Go to Settings and wipe your save. Then it should work.

That’s more doable but he would need to convert all textures to very low quality and revamp all controls just for mobile version to work.

That’s not possible. Even if it somehow converted to browser version it would lag and be unplayable.


Really creative, simple, and fun. The only thing that was annoying me was the sounds but other than that it’s a masterpiece!

The idea is great tho I don’t like going back again and again the same route only to die because I touched something deadly. I think adding lava particles or something to indicate that this differently colored block is deadly would be amazing. Also, what is that one button in the menu?

Thank you for such a long and constructive comment! Glad you liked my game. When I will have more time I will fix some of the bugs that I couldn’t fix before the deadline.

Thank you! I was really inspired by The Binding of Isaac

Very nice game! Shooting sound and music are kind of mixing up which made me turn off the sound but other than that it was a great experience.

Me too

Really cool game! Had fun playing it.

I’m almost sure that this game is not made in Unity

Thank you! Glad you liked the game

Thank you for your comment! Everything should work now as intended

Thanks! I'm thinking about turning it into full game. 

New game! Waiting for vid...

Its not a problem i know. Thank you for upload my game. :)

I want to say that you can upload my game to this site