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Review: Download this! It's really too wonderful and too sweet <3


Other bit with spoilers and personal reactions to things: 

I just finished playing all the routes completely, starting from Klaude, then Rod, then Rumpel, then Fritz, and finally Waltz (save the best for last right?).

Suffice to say I'm crying and trying to stop crying right now.

The MC's childhood is too relatable and, she's grown so much more than I've ever imagined.


Karma: Who couldn't be enamored with the one who saved you the moment you pressed "left" because left was not right? I sort of wish it weren't so difficult to recognize him as a beast, but he made three play-throughs worth it <3

Rod: I don't know. He was really sweet and kind despite everything. I wasn't sure what to think because the MC and he were step-siblings.

Rumpel: It wasn't until after the game ended that I started to appreciate him. While playing his route I was bored and kind of annoyed by his constant flattery--because how can anyone feel close to a character that gives compliments which act more as walls than anything? Afterwards though, I felt pretty endeared to everyone in the game. He's more memorable because I feel bad for feeling bored.

Fritz: I felt the things that transpired were a little scattered, like living in a dream. But I wish I knew what made his other self come to be.

Waltz: The one that made me cry, haha. I'd been hoping to break the curse of the boy doing magic the moment I saw him with Karma. Imagine my surprise when he was the middle of the stained glass windows? Played his story last because I felt that if I finished his story, I wouldn't be willing to play the other stories. Cinderella and Peter Pan, those are my two favorite fairy tales.


It makes me sad that games are like fairy tales. There's so much that teach people how there's good in the world and how people can change and become happier and warmer. Yet when I think of myself, I'm stuck as the ice princess before she found friends (not really, but it's pretty similar). Pity. But a sweet fantasy is really wonderful because it lasts in one's memories yes? Thank-you all for this game <3