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thanks for the update!! Would love to see all the giant/giantess model that you could choose that you had before for the next update, including the new game mode you made!

can you take me through the steps to make it work for Mac?

omg can't wait!

Also, I think it would be more challenging if the giant in the evacuation level simply walked around, stop sometimes, have a stomping animation, then continue.

Love the new update! In the new level, the distance fog is a bit wonky - the giant is basically totally white unless you're right beside it, I think it should be more visible with its colours from a farther distance

I just tried it on mac as well, upon opening it says: The application "Flattened for MAC" can't be opened.

Also, where did you get that new city model from? For the gauntlet and the title screen?

So glad to see another update. The starting over sounds extremely frustrating, sory you had to go through that. But, I can say the newest iteration is absolutely amazing. The performance is miles and miles ahead of before, that is a huge deal. One bug I encountered is that in the straight gauntlet, if you get crushed your mouse disappears and you can't go back to the main menu or restart. I absolutely love the new 2nd city layout though! I also like how the different models walk around at different speeds.


-Sandbox mode for you to just watch the giant crush people / walk around

-Adjust or have options for the camera shaking (I would prefer slightly less)

-Would love the return of craters, but if that affects performance too much, then no. Also related, I'd love it if the feet don't go "into" the floor, and always stay above the ground. I understand if that's hard to do though, not super important. Just being nitpicky.

Looking forward to more updates!

Ah, so you made them yourself in makehuman?

Where did you get your male models from?

Spoiler alert

So after we get into the building (I don't know how to get the code properly, I just typed in random numbers and it worked), is the giant supposed to be male if we selected male? Otherwise I'm kind of overall just confused about how to run aw

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Amazing!!! Would it be possible to post a Mac build too? I'm currently running it through VMware but it's too slow to do any useful testing

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Anyone else checking this page constantly dying in anticipation for the next update?

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THAT LOOKS AMAZING. The male giant community really appreciated your work, and I'm definitely donating on the next update, especially if you can make a Mac version!

Thank you so much for the update!!! I didn't realize this was just for Windows - would you be able to create a Mac app?

Wow, that's amazing. Can't wait, thank you so much! (Poll is now at 42, by the way :D)

There's already 24 people showing interest in a poll in less than 12 hours. I really hope you consider it! :)

Amazing! I'm 100% sure there's interest, including from me.

Would you ever consider including a male model version? I and I'm sure others would be willing to pay for it! :)