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scream of joy


I felt terrible the day I found this game, but I felt better after passing it. Cecile, thank you so much for the game and for introducing me to Cable Ties! Love them.

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Nice relaxing sandbox garden, like watching an ASMR video of a dog eating fruits, only there's a weird man looking at me from a butterfly robot. Threw a couple of bones at him, but he doesn't say much. Hope a couple of bones make it to space! :)

I was thinking the same thing when I was passing through!

Too short to build suspense but I liked the mechanics with the foghorn valve and the sounds are well chosen.

I like what I see so far. I was afraid for a long time to ask, but isn't it possible to optimize the game in some other ways? I understand of course that part of the problem is with my bad computer. I just wish I could improve my experience.

Aren't you planning on putting the game somewhere else? With fixed prices, it's easier for me to buy.

Hey. Are you still sharing the game?