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u really took me on a relatable walk and to be honest sometimes its alright to feel bad, its a phase that needs to be there, emotions that we need to make us stronger in the end. Its all okay if u take a deep breath and see what the world around u is behind of all the routines and responsibilities. Like the walk everyone needs to escape sometimes :>

loved the vid :3

I just finished the game and i must say that i was not disappointed, even if the game is only a prologue it was enjoyable and fun to play, everything was explained and the whole idea and story behind it was awesome. I cant wait for your next project, keep working hard on it, it deserves to be seen!! Thank u for a great experience :>

really funny game xD, i loved the ending aswell, good job :>

that was such an amazing game, really good job to everyone who contributed in this creation, from the bottom of my heart really thank you for this awesome experience :>

its so cuuute :>, i luved it!!

damn that scared me to death xD. Its a really great game, good job :3, my name is Dia so it was even scarier the fact that my name was in the game lol, thank u for this experience!!

i just played the game today and i really congladulate all the ppl that came together to create this inspiring and life-changing game. This game personally changed the way i see life with an unusual and creative way and really thank you for making this and sharing it with everyone.