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I'm glad to know that you are better, I know how bad it can be, and how dangerous it is. Please take care of yourself.

Can you please make a android Port

Look at the meter with the purple and pink

You get one when your arousal is at at least 50 or more. You can up this when you drink devil milk or lust potion ( I forgot the name) you can also choose certain options in fights. You also get a closer relationship with other characters and can do lewd things with them. However know it's only seen when lust is pantsless completely, but on some bottoms (mostly undies) A bulge can be seen

Wahhhhh? You can do that???  Im like all done with everything so far and I didn't see that!

It's a glitch, I get it sometimes, I usually leave app and come back, on my last save so hope you saved 

ohhhh ok

When will he be back?

Do you mean the ones you can get on the island?

Good work!

What is on you?

looks interesting, but still can't wait for Gin to be back

I'ma she lol

How do I do senses training with Rinny

For now, it's a permanent she had said, they were like part of her

Hey, how do I do the senses training with Rinny? Now and then, when I enter transvania, she says "let's see if you are paying attention, then gives me the option to say yes or no. How do I get the senses training scene with her?


Can you possibly in the future add where you can take Gin to your private dungeon, or Kitty,Bell,Sammy,Nymph, or any others?

When will we see good ol Gin again?

When will the temple route be added to

It showed up after I clicked on pink cow tail

i was trying to edit my character in little house of horrors and I got this screen

It's working now!

thank youuuuu!


It's not working on the mobile

when will the 48.0b update be for the public?

Wait a min....

yay! How soon are we talking? Sorry I'm impatient! 

Good point! I didn't even think of that! Guess I'll have to see when the update is for the public!

When will this update be for the public

I miss him already! Will he be back soon?

I'm confused lol XD

(1 edit)

in the update it's says there is milking scene. And on the part I am at currently says there is water at a desert king's place or something like that the update here

And will Gin ever be back?

Wait, then how would bell be able to milk?

That would be funny like the cheese scene lol

Wait, would the desert be unlocked? It says something about it

I did it! But will he be back? He left now! 

NOOOO! Will Gin be back? He left!