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When will the temple route be added to

It showed up after I clicked on pink cow tail

i was trying to edit my character in little house of horrors and I got this screen

It's working now!

thank youuuuu!


It's not working on the mobile

when will the 48.0b update be for the public?

Wait a min....

yay! How soon are we talking? Sorry I'm impatient! 

Good point! I didn't even think of that! Guess I'll have to see when the update is for the public!

When will this update be for the public

I miss him already! Will he be back soon?

I'm confused lol XD

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in the update it's says there is milking scene. And on the part I am at currently says there is water at a desert king's place or something like that the update here

And will Gin ever be back?

Wait, then how would bell be able to milk?

That would be funny like the cheese scene lol

Wait, would the desert be unlocked? It says something about it

I did it! But will he be back? He left now! 

NOOOO! Will Gin be back? He left!

Hey, how do I add Gin to the island. I'm at the rp part and it's staying on that

Hey? Why isn't Gin show up on island. I have him at the 2 roleplay


oh! How do you know?

Is the update for non Patreon going to be out today?

Wait, where is it?

March 7th? Yay

Wait will we be able to raise kids with other characters

Oh! And will you add the options to interact with Nymph?

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When will this update be available to the public? ( I'm a mobile user without Patreon)

Ikr gin is a pretty good character actually!

Thank you, do you know the link to it? I looked for it and I can't find it? Pls and thank you! :)

Will there be a update?

Will you add the choice to raise kids with some of the characters, such as Cassie or any others?