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I agree, for some reason I sent you back to the beginning when you died, not the level you were on. I agree, if I had more time I would have definitely made the blue twin more useful. Thanks for the feedback!

Really fun, nice job! NOICE


Haha, thanks. 

I LOVE the mechanic, in fact I was thinking of doing something like this myself. It is well made, and it feels very good. Nice job!

Thanks! I agree, I should have done a little more playtesting.

Thanks, I totally agree with everything you said, and would have added it. Thanks for playing!

Kind of triggering, but super fun!

Fun game!

The devlog you made for this game was made a month ago. Even if you fooled anyone, they could see that you started this game one whole month ago.

How does this go with the theme? and how did you make it in 50 minutes? And why is it a mix between pixel art and regular art?

Other than that great game.

Nice music, but a little too short. With more levels this could be even better. Great game though.

Very nice game, boss is hard. It was fun though. REALLY wish you didn't upscale your pixels for the boss! It doesn't fit well with the rest of the art. You should draw the same character in a bigger resolution. But otherwise, a cool game.


I'm sure this game would have been great, if I could play it that would be awesome

Wow this game feels so good, I can not believe it was made in less than a week. I love this so much, it is calming and just amazing.

This game is good, I love the quests. The controls are a little wonky as they are not very responsive. Art is great, seems to be heavily influenced by Kenney, or is some of the art from Kenney. It was a fun game though.

Yes I beat it! Wooh that was hard. Nice job though.

This game is so good, and right when I thought it couldn't get better, I realized that you could do it multiple times!

This is a cool game, nice job. I know this was a game jam, so this wasn't focused on, but some nicer UI would be nice. Super fun to play though, awesome job.

This is very clever, nice job.

This is very cool