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Terra Lauterbach

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Great news: the mac version of Crime Reaper is finally ready! Hope you're still excited :D

Hello! I just finished making the Mac version of Crime Reaper, so if you purchase a copy, you'll immediately have access to it! Thank you for your interest and I hope you have a lot of fun!

Mac version has been released -- if you already purchased a copy of Crime Reaper, you should immediately have access to the Mac version! :D

I've gotten enough requests that I will likely make a Mac version, but I'm unsure when it will be ready. Giving the game a follow will let you know when I eventually post it, though!

Disabling highlights seems to be a highly requested feature at this point, so the next update (hopefully end of June) will include it.

You should be able to switch to windowed mode from the settings by flipping the full screen toggle. Is that not working properly?

I've gotta eat *shrug*

I've been considering doing a Mac version at some point (especially if a lot of folks want it!), but iOS and Android versions would require some big UI re-evaluation and interaction changes (so less likely). Thanks for your interest in any case!

Thanks! I'm excited how quickly this game is coming together, and can't wait to have everyone play it :D