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My girlfriend took a look at this and she enjoyed it! 

Hey, my girlfriend gave this a shot. She liked it!

My girlfriend enjoyed shooting Chica in the face. :P

My girlfriend gave this a shot-- and she liked it!

My girlfriend immediately introduced Almond to the knife. :P

My girlfriend enjoyed your game-- the aesthetics especially. :)

Hey-- my girlfriend and a friend of hers gave this a shot (first game in the video).

Hey-- my girlfriend and one of her friends gave this a shot. Second game in the vid!

You got my girlfriend good with this one! Not her first time dealing with a cult, though.

Hey hey-- my girlfriend gave this a shot. She liked it!

Hey, just thought I'd let you know my girlfriend gave this a try. She loved it!

My girlfriend gave this a gander-- and she enjoyed it. :)

My girlfriend wanted to try this out for the longest time and she's happy she did.

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All my girlfriend wanted to do was save the baby. XD

My girlfriend and a good friend of hers gave the game a shot-- they both loved it.

My girlfriend gave this a try!

My girlfriend thoroughly enjoyed this game! And seeing as I edit her videos, I must say, I LOVE your art style. It's so cute! :)

My girlfriend and a friend of hers banished a demon. So there's that, haha.

My girlfriend and her roommate enjoyed this! Short, sweet and to the point.

My girlfriend is QUICKLY becoming a fan of your games! Although she and her friend ran into a glitch around 4 or so wendigos.

My girlfriend enjoyed this; gave her some serious nostalgia. 

My girlfriend loves this game-- and now has a desire to shoot uncanny frogs. 

Hey hey! Just thought I'd let you know that my girlfriend played Mori's game. She enjoyed it!

My girlfriend wanted to actually eat the food she microwaved, haha.

My girlfriend loved this-- especially since she played through the original game not too long ago.  Nicely done!

My girlfriend uses this for her model and she loves it. Much love to the devs for putting so much time and effort into this. :)

You got my gf good with this one-- nicely done!
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Ohhh! Well, *I* know that now. The missus thought they were shark heads, haha.

See my VTuber GF's adventures in friend-making attached; she enjoyed this! 

Second game in the video. My girlfriend wanted to know why we had to sacrifice shark heads to the gods. :P

You got my girlfriend good with this one; nicely done!

Second game in the video; my girlfriend enjoys your works!

First game in the video-- thanks for asking my girlfriend to try the game out. :)

My girlfriend is now fighting birds.

Considering what this is based off of-- you got my girlfriend good with the jumpscare.

You got my girlfriend good with the "surprise", if you catch my drift, haha.

Heya! Thought I'd let you know my girlfriend checked this out. :)

My girlfriend had a friend for this one-- and she enjoyed it. :)

So my chao wanted a trumpet-- when I got him the trumpet, the game crashed and refuses to open back up. Something about a prefab being missing.

Is this part of the game, or am I missing something?