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Ah, okay. Is the boss supposed to be impossible so that you can't get to the second sector, then? Because currently, it's... rather insane.

Is this game still going to be updated?

For the secret boss, it would be nice to not have automatic damage (Ruby, autoturrets, etc) kill her during the choice to spare or kill them.

Alright, thanks!

So I downloaded the game, and it seems to completely lack a health bar, multiple floors, upgrades, or even any sort of pause menu. Also, the aim was offset to the right by about an inch. Is this a bug or is the game simply in a very early state? If it's the latter, it would be nice if you could say that in the description.

Slight issue: It's now impossible to go to the Oasis, since there are no chests or canister. Maybe add a canister that gives a few coins?

Nice! The new shop interface is much better. Also, is the pistol supposed to not use ammo?

I got this mod a few days ago, and I'm hovering over the icon and pressing E. The problem could be another mod I'm using, so I'll check that soon.

Tried this mod, and the upgrade system seems to take coins and do nothing. Am I missing something, or is it a bug?