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Really enjoyed the game, Some of the wall writing got a bit messed up while the maze was changing and at one stage I actually thought there was 2 imposters cause he kept showing up everywhere and it was getting really tough  xD 

Great Job! ;) 


Man this is a great game! Can't wait for the full release, 

2 things, I noticed the frame rate drops dramatically when being attacked / performing the exorcism. The med kit in the kitchen, if you keep clicking in the cupboard it will keep giving you med kits! 

Here's my playthrough. Great project!!! 


Really Really Really good game ! I was creeped out nearly the whole game and then had some jump scares thrown in the mix too was great! On edge the whole time and loved the game! Great Work! 

Team Terrible,  I've added a Clip to TikTok and the volume of questions about downloading this game on mobile is huge, You should get this copyrighted and work on mobile, It's in high demand for kids on the app store.  

I wanted more! Didn't realise it was a 2 minute horror jam! Great concept and good jump scare at the end!  BUT I WANTED MORE!! 

Great Game! Got a good few jump scares out of this! Doctor at the end is creepy! :D 

Nice game! Left wanting more! 

Have to say the experience i got around day 2 / 3 was brilliant, was starting to panic a bit and the sound effects were perfect! Nice piece of work for a game developed in a few days and great graphics Looking forward to trying out Frequency Project which brought me here! 

Loved playing this! Brilliant!  Nice  short horror game and Feels like you could keep adding chapters. What's behind the middle locked door and in the locked door in the parents room! wink wink :)  Got a blast out off the baby too!