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sure, how tho

How did you know about the name of the boss?

I think "Phase" is a better word to use 

Phase 1 and Phase 2

Somebody in the comments said Zeroth has a 2nd Form

If it's true, how can I find it?

How can I reset my progress?

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Larry is dead. I'm finally done

Tips from me:

- Barrett 50 Cal does a lot of damage. You should use it to kill Larry

- MG-42 has (i think) unlimited ammo

- Both of the weapons mentioned above have to be upgraded

- B-Hopping is very crucial to survive (yes you can bhop in this game)

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Where is the minigun in Graveyard?

This looks like a place for the Graveyard Boss

But where in the world is the frickin BRIDGE brother, like what

I'm not going to jump and fall endlessly into the abyss 

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I killed all of the enemies

It looks like the skeleton is wearing purple thigh highs


Wave 50 (I will not continue) 

I love fishing (collecting fish) 

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The game crashes if I go to the D / left in the windows version

Well, the windows version is not recommended 

How do I beat this level?