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congratulation on finishing the game ! it was fun I loved  it <3 I think I got all the endings and  I enjoyed them all  <3 I ship Teagan and her friend :3 :3 :3 and that box with legs was so creepy xD anyways thank u for making this it was fun <3 

now this a real otome game !!! I've never played a perfect game like this it made me laugh and cry ! this game will have a great place in my heart especially Waltz he is soo daamn cool T_T I cant help it I have fallen in love with him even thought I'm freaking gay !!!!  I only fall in love with fictional boys. anyways thank you so much for making this game <3 

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aaaaaa finally!!! I'll play it now and give you my feed back <3 

hello I'm back, it took me  a half hour to finish your game. I really enjoyed it. *SPOILER ALERT* i really enjoyed the idea the art and I was surprised at first with the fist choice I was like what ?? I'm the dog!! this is so cool !! and when the dog talked I was disappointed I though he was a cute dog but in the end that wasn't him so that's a relief XD  I think there was a mistake when she met that person in the end instead of saying my great uncle she said my great grandfather or something like that . 

anyways I really liked this game thank you for making this <3 <3 

hello, this game just made me cry in many routes I'm an ace lesbian and I also  don't know how to tell my girlfriend that  I'm ace. i understand this game, i feel it . I was really happy to find a game that expresses our struggle with our sexuality . thank you for making this i really enjoyed it <3 

such a cuuute game >wwwww< I just finished all the endings Toffee's ending was kinda difficult. thank you for making this game <3 

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so cute, so sad, this game reminds me of myself. its really really sad to me! I don't know if I got all the endings but I enjoyed it. hope it was longer cuz with this art style I really want to see more <3 u are really talented thank you for making this game ( I'm really going to cry sam deserves better :(   damn depression :(  ) 

I loved it !! the art... the story everything !! I loved the Arabic names the use of the arabic letters and I knew now how to identify myself espicialy My gendr thank u so much for making this hope it will help to fight Islamophobia and forgive my bad English

_spoil don't read if u didn't paly the game yet_h

what I liked about this game is that everyone is killing everyone exept for Tanaka .... he is CUTE >W< I ship him with minami *_* AND I LOVED THE TRUE ENDING Thank u for making this game I realy enjoyed it the art is fantastic MERCI

the most cute amazing awesome AND CUTE game I've vever played space is juuuuust super cute PLEASE make a second one :') I want to see more pf those two thank u sooo much your game make me happy >W<