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More WIP GIFs:

I’ve got a split-screen water-balloon fight cooking over here

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Garsh, my ego does thank you! It was an honor just to finish a song. I’ll pay it forward with my own top three:

  • PENDULATION by eskur: I love all the wobbliness everywhere. If this is “rough”, I’d love to see the final mix!
  • In The Middle by GarbageCat: If this song were in a police lineup with actual GB soundtracks from the 90s, and I were asked to identify the one not written 30 years ago, there’s just no way. You totally nailed the aesthetic; great job!
  • I Wonder Where We Were: This song kept me on my toes the whole way through, constantly adding new elements and iterating on old ones while maintaining a cohesive identity throughout. As somebody who can’t seem to just let a song settle into a comfortable groove, this is the sort of thing I aspire to write. Game(boy) recognize Game(boy).

Thanks again for the extra time! I’ve just posted my final draft to itch; just wanted to make sure you didn’t grab the one from a month ago. It’s better now. At least, I think it’s better now.

Right back at you! I love all the variety here, while maintaining a consistency & progression. Definitely snagging a copy for the permanent collection :)

Would you accept additional drafts of existing submissions after the deadline has passed? I’ve uploaded literally the very first file I was able to export to a WAV, and I’m unlikely to have a chance for even a basic mixing pass before the jam ends. I don’t have anything transformative in mind, but I’d love to make sure it’s the best Baby’s First By-The-Numbers GameBoy Song it can possibly be, time permitting :)

Ooo, thanks, that’s great to know for next time! (Love your work btw!)

You’re right of course, I can export the “party version” to any format. But my understanding is that we’re encouraged to post unminified carts to the BBS (open-source, encourage learning & all that), so I wanted to make sure there was a relatively readable build that was still 99% feature-complete.

On further reflection, in the spirit of radical transparency, I must retract this statement; there have in fact been a handful of instances where eating ass has been more fun. References available upon request.

I happened to see an article about this just the other day, if you’re curious!

My naive assumption is that the 3D effect here is tracking the Z coordinate of each object and using sspr() to change a the sprite’s size, as well as to scale how fast objects move left to right as the camera shifts (farther Z = slower horizontal movement, closer Z = faster horizontal movement). So, not as hard as you might think!

A multi-book mashup is 100% on-brand for a Dark Tower game. I was waiting for the kids from Stand By Me to show up. Well done!

Eating ass has never been this much fun!

“Now it’s time to keep doing that” in the opening text crawl made me literal-lol.

While I appreciate the addition of the help screen explaining how the items work, I did enjoy just diving in blind and doing my best to figure out the mechanics of the machine hell-world in context. The one thing I really wanted to be more clear up front was whether there was a goal I was trying to reach, or whether survival was the goal.

I had the same issue early on, but eventually pieced it together. Perhaps an audio & visual cue when you try to leave but a mole is preventing you from leaving? Play a “nunh-unh” sound and flash them red for a few frames?

The interactive title/ending screens were an amazing touch! It would’ve been a great place to hide an easter egg. For the record, I totally copied your engine noise for Dolan’s Cadillac.

The site design’s juxtaposition of durp-Jobe and ripper cybergod Jobe is exquisite.

Splendid! I thoroughly enjoyed slugging bat-dorks at a smiling car, and the game-over screen was legitimately creepy :)

I remember seeing this one early on and being jealous that you must;ve figured out how to use tline(). I’d love to hear how the headlight effects work; drawing anything that isn’t a rectangle or an oval in PICO-8 seems like a pretty long walk.

Watching this video made me so happy. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m glad you enjoyed our weird little jam gam.

Wrong King story; you’re thinking of Christine. Or Trucks/Maximum Overdrive, maybe? I didn’t realize King had such a beef with self-driving cars.

Ah but this is only part of the ass game!

We have a successful transition from main menu to gameplay!

Bonus points if your Roland sprite is recognizably missing a couple fingers on his right hand!

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I’m not much of a game designer; the core gameplay of my entry is a bog-standard “match 3”, and I wanted to make sure I could get that working before I fully embrace scope creep for the rest of the month. Here’s what I’ve got after my first solid weekend in PICO-8. Now the trick is to successfully focus on my day job instead of adding new features…

Any volunteers to host a livestream and play all the submissions at the end of the month? (I am emphatically not volunteering, but I’d gladly watch somebody else do it!)

Andy this is adorable :)

It is definitely more than supposedly unfinished, I assure you. But, thank you! I’m glad this holds up on its own; I was hoping it would be a more effective submission than a busted-ass prototype full of half-baked puzzles.

Fantastic work, definitely my favorite from the jam!

I’d love to hear more about the development process; since both the level design and platform mechanics are so tightly coupled to the song you chose for the soundtrack, which did you build first? I imagine it would be difficult to iterate on either after the fact without redoing the other as well.