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Thanks for the feedback.  Unfortunately we ran out of time to complete the highscore table among other features we were planning to add.  Also, great idea about using a truck as a shield, never thought of that!

Love the main menu and the switches between games like riding the horse etc.  Graphics and music are really cool too especially the parallax artwork.  Nicely done!

Really great graphics and fun concept.  Dig the music too.  Feels like this would be perfect for gamepad especially since the color emblems on the walls could match gamepad button directions.  I think adding a spell cooldown would add to some difficulty to prevent the player from button mashing.  Great job for one weeks worth of work!

What is not to like about this?  It was a lot of fun, intuitive, great artwork and music.  Really well polished game for a weeks worth of work.  Kudos!

This is a pretty cool game.  Reminds me a little bit of Magicka.   Has some great potential.