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Possum Gamer

A member registered Apr 30, 2020

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Seriously, this is dope and I can't wait to dive into Happy's Humble Burger Farm soon!

Really really cool stuff. Outstanding music and the monster was dreadful in the best way

I really dug this one! Sound effects and atmosphere were on POINT! Great job!

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Honestly amazing stuff here! You folks really killed it on this one. Graphically it looks astounding, it was a treat to the ears, and I'm so intrigued by the cult that I want MORE. GIVE ME MORE.

I'm really loving these games. Such a fun concept and execution.

Awesome game! I really dig the way the story unfolded and left a lot of mystery. Very unnerving.

Great game! Weird stuff, but I really enjoyed myself.

What a fun concept and execution. I really really dug this :)

10/10 too realistic. too spooky. just as frustrating as actual retail work. Good job.

I don't even fully comprehend what happened to me in this game but I loved it. You make such creepy and unsettling atmosphere in your games and it makes them stand out against all the other jumpscare bs out there.

I love this game. The body horror is memorable and I've yet to play a game that has stuck with me like this one has. Something about how clinical and matter-of-fact as it was made it even more unsettling in such a unique way. Amazing stuff.

Fun and interesting short game! I loved the atmosphere.

Really interesting game. I make for a terrible babysitter.

Played this game on my channel and really had a blast! I love this one. Keep up the great work!

Super fun game! I'd love to see more in the horror/comedy genre from this team. 

The Ward community · Created a new topic Wonderful Game

Truly loved the atmosphere and the creature design! Really unique stuff and I had a blast playing it for my channel.

Here's a link if anyone is interested: