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Fun! I did get a crash when I went to restart the race after losing. It was on the track at the left. Here's the trace that the console printed out (not sure how useful it'll be without symbols):

Error: unable to convert undefined to a number
function _Au("unable to convert undefined to a number")
function yyGetReal([undefined])
function yyGetInt32([undefined])
function _69([undefined], 0, 1)
function _L4([instance], [instance])
function(769, 0, [instance], [instance])
function(769, 0, [instance], [instance])
function(769, 0)
function _l73()
function _S63()
function _x63(142861.496)

Great utility that makes it trivial to play the official Doom maps, especially Master Levels for Doom II, which was a hassle to get to work in a source port, and works as it should (starting out with only the pistol on each level).

It even incidentally let me know about a Doom campaign that I had no idea that I owned, No Rest for the Living, which comes with the Doom 3 BFG edition on PC.