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I never played Card Shark (because the term is Card Sharp), maybe I'll check it out. I think there's probably room for a really good game in this domain, though it's very questionable that it would be anything like this one, lol.

(Spoilers) Gur qbhoyr yvsg jnf vzcyrzragrq sbe nabgure gevpx gung V ena bhg bs gvzr orsber V pbhyq vzcyrzrag. V nyfb jnagrq gb unir n gevpx jvgu (sbe rknzcyr) qbhoyr-snprq pneqf.

Very cool, I get a slight Dicey Dungeons vibe from it.

On another note, where did you get the card graphics? I couldn't find good card graphics for my game.

Oh, that kind of logic? Very interesting!

Level 7 is tricky. I've found out how to get the right things, but not in the right order.

It doesn't have a linux executable, but I managed to get it working with proton. I made cubes fly everywhere!

I got to the end, but I don't think I quite understood what I was doing. I like the concept, though.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it repeatedly wants me to mark tiles I could not possibly know the state of. Huh?? I like it, though.

I could have added more symbols and rules, but I didn't... 🤔

That's part of the puzzle...

You did great!

OpenGL has been deprecated on Mac, and I don't have access to a machine to build/test. Apologies!

I dunno, do you think it should be? I'm kind of lazy.