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Hey, thanks for all the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the second episode! I'm very excited to share more of the story and the the wait between episodes won't be quite as long as it was between the first two. I'll keep graphics options in mind for possible future updates/features. As for the main menu, that first version that was animated wasn't playing right on all devices, so that's why I changed it. Then the black and white thing was kind of a quick fix, so I added more images with Episode two, now it'll rotate between episodes. 

Hey, I'm not sure I understand your question. It should be set up so if you pay $2.99 you get episode one and if you pay an extra $11.99 then you get the season pass. Is it not allowing you to get the pass after you bought episode one? 

I'm aiming for summer time

If you download the latest version (1.1.52) you are able the change the language manually.

If it's still in another language after you have the most recent version, navigate to the fourth option on the main menu which will bring up "Options" where the third selection will be "change language."

It will be $2.99 per episode

Thank you for the details and sorry for all the hassle! I updated the game so this problem should be fixed. Re-download the game and make sure your local save file is deleted before launching it. Let me know if you have any more issues!

I updated the game so this problem should be fixed. Re-download the game and make sure your local save file is deleted before launching it. Let me know if you have any more issues!

Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now, download the latest version when you're able. Just make sure your save file is deleted (since language is stored in the save file). Let me know if you have any more issues.

Not for a one man dev ;)

Hey, sorry you're having some troubles. Check out the conversation below to see if any of those solutions work for you. If not, let me know so I can help more.

Hi, sorry for this inconvenience! You probably have to delete your save file, since from the previous build it saved your game in the wrong language. To do this, close the game, go to the save location:

From PC: C/Users/<User Name>/AppData/LocalLow/Steve Gabry/Sally Face

From Mac: Users/<UserName>/Library/Application Support/Steve Gabry/Sally Face/

Delete the file you see there, then restart the game. That should solve the issue! Please let me know if you have anymore troubles or if that doesn't work. I hope you'll be enjoying the game soon.

It's not based on any creepypasta. In fact, I believe the original conceptualization of Sally Face (around 2007) pre-dates creepypastas on a whole.

Hi, looks like I forgot to turn off the Language menu in the newest version. It's a wip, so it shouldn't be turned on right now, sorry about that! I just uploaded new files (which are English language only) and they should be available to download whenever you're able to.

Too soon for release info but I'm aiming for early/mid 2017 for ep 2

Thanks for the interest. Each episode will be the low price of $2.99

Thanks for the support! :)

Development info here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sally-face/x/14.../

Replied to Nae in Sally Face comments

It's called "Singular" I made this song for the game (it's not an existing band)

Good question! I hadn't thought about that. I wouldn't mind giving those users who have purchased the game here a Steam Key.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :)

It sounds like you had an older version, since that bug should be fixed in the more current versions. But just in case, if you could look at what version you have (in the credits screen) and let me know that would be helpful. Thanks!

Hmm, that's weird! Hopefully they aren't still having server issues. If you'd like, you could get the game on Game Jolt instead http://gamejolt.com/games/sally-face/191854

Thanks for letting me know! This should be fixed with the new version. Glad you are enjoying it so far :)

Glad you guys enjoyed it!

If you make a donation on IndieGoGo, you can choose to get the Steam version for free ;) Just throwing that out there!

Hey, wow you had a lot of thoughts! :D Thanks for writing and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the first episode!

The issue you're having with the screen seems to be a problem with the way your computer (or maybe video recording software?) is displaying the game. I can tell by your video that the game is being squashed vertically and cut off horizontally. I'm not sure why that would happen for you but it is not part of the games design. In the latest update, I did lock the ratio of the game, whereas before it allowed different ratios. If you get a chance, download the newest version and see if it looks any better for you. You can compare your playthrough versus the screenshots and game trailer to see what I'm talking about in more detail.

The inventory label for the tea + laxative, good catch on that! A small oversight I will correct. The Lisa conversation about Larry is a bit of an Easter Egg - if you select the right options you get a small hint at one of the themes in the next episode. I have been considering adding in Save Profiles for the next episode, I most likely will add them.

The Steam Trading Cards are free - so if I'm able to add them to the Steam version (which I would like to!) they won't cost anything. You collect them by playing the game. Though you do also have the option to trade or buy them from other players if you wish to.

Thanks for playing! I appreciate your feedback and support!

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

The best thing to do it just jot stuff down as you think of it. Start little notes here and there, even if you don't think you'll use them. For me at least, this does two things: gives me a reminder of the ideas I've had and also lets me come back to them later on to see if they are actually any good or not. I probably have 100's of notes/ideas floating around for different game concepts but one thing I learned early on is that ideas aren't worth much until you actually do something with them. So I encourage everyone who has a story in their head to write it down. Even if you don't plan on doing anything more with it, it could be a good exercise in self discovery. And who knows, maybe you have a little bit of gold to share with the world.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it and I really appreciated your support! Thanks for sharing your playthrough as well

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) and thanks for sharing your playthrough!

I noticed that a lot of nightmare before christmas stuff pops up when you search Sally Face haha, I wasn't expecting that but I shouldn't be too surprised. I love that movie but I don't think I drew much inspiration from it for Sally Face. Honestly I can't remember where the name came from, I have a weird mind, sometimes strange things just form in there. Also, I came up with the Sally Face character about 9 or 10 years ago now D: It started as a sketch, then a concept for a short cartoon, then it was put on the back burner for a few years before I dug it up again.

Hey, they finally got back to me. Apparently they had an issue with their download servers, which is why the game wasn't downloading correctly. It should be good to go now!

It appears to be fixed now. Apparently they were having issues with their download servers. Also just uploaded a new build!

It's in the description ;)

However, right now there seems to be an issue with downloading the file from itch. Still waiting to hear back from their support.

It will last for the duration of the indieGoGo campaign, which runs until Nov. 5th. So you still have some time!

Haven't heard back from itch.io yet, eagerly awaiting their response.

Hey, thanks for letting me know! There seems to be an issue with itch.io. The files aren't downloading properly from the site. I sent an email to their support and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully it's something that can be fixed soon!

That's no good! Which OS are you running? I did just upload a new version, maybe try to re-download it also?

I appreciate you sharing Sally Face and I'm glad you liked it! I definitely understand being broke, so don't sweat it.

I'm not totally sure at what point (or how or why) Sal popped into my head. I drew an early version of him in my sketch book and then a story just started forming around that character.


Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback and support! :)

(and your English is great)

Created a new topic FAQ


Why are you making the game in episodes?

There are a couple of reasons why I chose to develop the game in episodes. The original idea for Sally Face was conceived in 2007 and started off as a cartoon series. Later on, when I decided to revisit the concept, I knew I wanted to make an adventure game and thought that I would keep the cartoon/episodic format. It's how the story was meant to be told. Additionally, as a solo developer, breaking the game up into episodes helps me to focus on one piece of the story at a time and to get content to the public sooner.

When's the next episode coming out?

Episode Two: The Wretched is currently in preproduction. How soon it's released will depend on the funding of this campaign. The first episode took about a year to make since I was working on it in my free time only. A lot of the framework stuff is done, so that means episode two will take less time in general. I estimate it would take about five months developing only in my spare time. However, if enough funds can be raised for me to focus on developing full time, then it could be finished in around half that time.

How many episodes will there be?

Well, that depends on you / the general interest in the project. If Sally Face can reach the funding goal then I'll be able to complete the original vision of a 5 episode narrative. If it makes below the funding goal, then the story will need to be scaled down based on that amount. There will be a minimum of 2 -3 episodes but in order to really tell the full story, it would be best if all 5 episodes could be created. So please consider backing this project today if you want the full Sally Face experience!

My PC is telling me that Episode One contains a malicious file. What's up with that?

In some rare cases a false positive for malware can be detected if you're using Microsoft Defender or Essentials. There is some issue with Unity .exe files (that's the engine I use to build Sally Face) getting flagged by Microsoft Security.There are no actual malware or malicious files. You can simply allow access to the file, if it's getting flagged for you, and continue with launching and playing the game. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about this on my end. Unity and Microsoft are supposedly looking into fixing it. Hopefully soon! For those interested, you can read more about it on this Unity Forum.

What are your inspirations?

Since the concept of Sally Face started off in the form of an animated series, most of the influence comes from 90's cartoons (the shows I grew up with) and my own life experiences. The inception of it all came from the idea of creating something similar to an old Nickelodeon cartoon like Hey Arnold or Doug and making it more warped/twisted/dark; something worthy of being on Adult Swim, next to shows likeMetalocalypse and Aqua Teen. That idea and an early character doodle created the foundation of what Sally Face is today.

What happened to Sally's face?

That's a story for another day :)