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it randomly jumps

how many gigabytes do I need dedicated to this game for it to run well?

I don't mean to shit on it just saying I wouldn't pay for this without a couple new features

wow overreacting much?

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walt its a great game but before you release it on steam I think there should be a few more weapons maybe better graphics and lots of different ship types before it costs money to play I'm not trying to shit on it but just say its really early in development and don't want it to cost money too early in development

jni just 1 complaint when a map has trees it takes a while to load the map even in lowest graphics settings will that be fixed in ancient warfare 3?

so is ancient warfare 2 gonna be completely scrapped and you will focus on ancient warfare 3?

jni this game is amazing and I cant wait for level bundles and I hope you add a second campaign or more levels. I think this game has a lot more potential and you as a developer can make other great games as well.

can you work on the bug where when I kill a siege unit scorpion catapult etc my character cant move or attack