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There's an ammo pickup (floating bullet pile) in every level. Shoot that to get full ammo in your power weapons.

Hey! There's no plans for a Linux version, only Windows 64 bit.

I'm not sure how that would work for an on-rails shooter (maybe the player doesn't move?) but it is something I am open to adding in the future as a lot of people have asked for it before.

Thank you!

By endless mode, do you mean like a wave based mode where you have to survive as long as you can?

Thank you for the feedback.

Hey, if you go to the Steam store page here, Dead Containment on Steam (, there is a blue 'Download Demo' button on the right side. You can also search Dead Containment on Steam and the demo should be listed.

Thank you! There's definitely a lot more to come :)

Thank you!!

If you want to play with a friend I would suggest using the demo on Steam as it's a lot simply to invite and join a friend. With, you need to use direct connect and use the lobby hosts IP to connect.

Thank you :)

If I had the time and money then I would love too!

Multiplayer invites and server browser only works on the Steam version. To play on, you need to use direct connect to connect to another players lobby using their IP.

Thank you for the constructive criticism.

Great video, Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to make a video. Really happy you liked it!

Nice! Let me know what you think :D

Cheers! Time Crisis was partly an inspiration for this but I'll have to check out Operation Wolf.

Thank you! There's a big update due May so won't be too long.

This is the first time I've been asked about the lore so I'm happy to give some details, however most of the story will be told though cutscenes later and may change slightly.

The virus is created by a rogue pharmacist who was trying to cure her son from a degenerative disease. Due to a series of events involving the police, an informant, an anti bioterrorism group and rats, the virus is spread throughout the city over a 24 hour period. The game takes place on the 24th hour of the outbreak, where 2 agents (the players) have been sent to track down an informant who has information on the virus.

At this point no one has really had time to react as the outbreak is fresh but throughout the levels you can find clues of what has happened and how certain groups of people responded.

The new update tomorrow adds ranks and a mechanic where your lives are carried over to the next level but other than that there are no plans to save progress as there isn't really any progress to save. Both levels are unlocked from the start in the demo (haven't decided if this will be the case in the full game) so if you would like to improve your rank in 1 level you can load it up without having to play the other.

Cheers for the mention, really happy you liked it! 

Cheers for checking the game out and making a video. Haven't seen anyone play it in widescreen before but glad it worked alright for you.

Thanks for checking it out. Loved the video! You'd be surprised at how many requests I get for a shotgun buff 😂

Hey, I gave the video a watch. The version of the game you're playing is a super outdated build I made for university and was taken down a long time ago as it's nothing like the actual game. I'd recommend downloading  the demo from either here or Steam to see what the actual game is like.

A quick update to this post. Tests on Dead Containment's new network code showed players with a 400ms ping had no stuttering or desync, minimal delay on weapon & zombie visuals along with every shot fired from the client hit on the server correctly. A bit more work to be done but should massively improve online gameplay once complete. 

Thanks for trying it out, really happy you liked it! Appreciate the video too. There's a big update planned for summer which will add a few more levels, enemy types and boss fights so stay tuned for that.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback. Balancing is something I've been tweaking a lot so I'll take in the difficultly for any future updates. 

VR should be fixed in the update today. The plugin was enabled for some reason when it shouldn't have been.

Thank you

This appears to be a problem caused by the Unreal Engine and mostly occurs when your graphics card drivers or operating system needs updating.