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So far, no versions of Wine and proton have worked. Some led to a black screen, others led to a large chunk of text on the screen saying something was missing. I'm going to try installing more later, but I can't get it working on any arch based distros yet.

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Will there be a native Linux port like "Baba is You" had? I can't find a way to get it running with wine/proton.

Insane how you guys are suddenly releasing games rapidly, very cool. (Also, IDK if this is possible to implement, but a level builder in The Plumber Thing would be really cool to see)

Great game man, IDK why u r so upset.

This looks great! I'd like to know what the ESRB rating for this would be and why it would be rated that before I buy it though, I'd appreciate help from someone who played the full game. Thanks!

Stasis is not a very well-known game, and porting a game to Mac is an absolute pain, especially for small developers, but I suppose it's possible...