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I am interested in discussions, i don't know if comment threads or posts should really die.

I made a guide for how to do math in this game. If you are struggling and think the math is too hard or need to do the 11th notebook, here it is.


Thank you! :)

You have been baited by SiIvaGunner for over two years. :C

This aged quite funny :)

As requested by the official AewVS discord server! A challenge.....

AewVS but with the lowest graphics level and a desktop goose. I didn't find this idea to be funny, but if it's a challenge i'll take it :)

Amazing review neurobew! Good luck making games now.

Love your videos Jay! You could retry this game some time soon.

Yeah because they both have schools and people in them then it's automatically a rip-off.

This aged quite funny :)

I missed you. I do remember you very fondly :) I was on MIX_UP_GAMERS streams with you. I understand the game may be confusing right now, i am in the same boat, just started language for the first time in a year.

Brainiac with ALL wrong, appears to be no glitches!

How I Beat 0.0.1...

cool image

in your dreams........


Oh, i understand what you are talking about. Yeah that is a problem.

I agree, i think we should submit strobovski to the game channels collectivelly. We should talk about it in the discord further.

I understand that humor in games like these is indisputable, but there are too much memes in my opinion. I don't mean memes as in inside jokes about coil boar, freekadelka, i mean too much real world meme references. This game is it's own universe, and bringing in impact font, jojo references, god forbid big chungus is not only unfunny, it just makes you return to the real life, if you understand what i mean. 
I think if people want some humor, the community can do it perfectly, but the game shouldn't be completely humor oriented, i understand this isn't what the developer strives for, but this is just what is slowly happening with the game. I believe this might be one of the reasons players like phucat think the game should be put to rest. And i think it shouldn't be put to rest, i think it should continue to grow and become better.

I agree old wallpapers and menu were better, and the priest. New one is just a lot more weak to me. I don't get a "Wow i am sitting in some aewvs room and playing aewvs in it", no i don't get that feeling at all.

and to get one notebook in math

no seriously HOW? I really need it to get better at the game.

I completely agree with you FireyDeath4. Most people, in this case children play games like strobovski and baldi just because they are trendy. I also, dislike enough how mrdrnose doesn't take the game seriously and literally memes on himself by making fun of the onion, and stuff. It ruins the whole game and the image, the atmosphere, for lesser known memes like кто прочитал тот здохнет, it fits pretty well! Because the meme is lesser known and it's not a reference to anything, it's a distorted cat. But when mrdrnose puts jojo references, impact font, nani, and god forbid big chungus i genuinely lose all my hope in the game for like 7 minutes before calming down and forgetting about it. It's not even what people would describe as "cringe", cringe is a strong emotion, here it's just bad, it's not funny at all. Never add temporary fad memes like thanos snapping into your game. It's a horrible decision. Obviously humor should be in a fully functioning game, but this isn't humor this is just bad.

You won't believe how much more could AlphaBetaGamer, MediaGamesGuide make the game popular if they would seriously get into it. About the game being for adult audience, we have to look at facts, not who the game is made for, but for the primary audience for the game who actually play it. By statistics, most players are under 18 years old. It's like yandere simulator, the developer said that the game is not for kids, but it's obviously mostly played by kids because almost no one over 18 other than youtubers are interested in yandere simulator. Obviously kids mostly play it.

I agree. I personally embrace the kids audience as a kid myself, i think it gives of, a kind of, a charm to this game :)

I have played this game before, i just play a bunch of endurance rage games in general. I beat it two times before beating it in two hours.

I am waiting for the Mayro 64 game please when will it come out?>

wtf it's a great game!

truly "Night Of The Consumers", LOL

Really fun and great to look at, comedic, great satire and the good kind of frustration. Beat it two times, great stuff.

Beat it in two hours, amazing game, i love it.

Well, there goes my new profile pic :D

plz update

Truly, 10/10 music.

Well, if it wouldn't be so unfunny, this game is really good! Even though some might consider it unoriginal, i really liked and enjoyed this game.

Third person to beat this game, it's amazing, thanks to phucat for the strategy.


Strategy. Just collect candy and hide, there is no map just do it.

(1 edit)

Also the story didn't get uploaded here, here it is.

A strange guy named Mr. Bread insisted you go looking for bread, but in fact, you collect more than one bread, in a house haunted by monsters, spiders and other strange creatures, without knowing why you have to collect ten breads if the strange guy says to search only one bread to move to the next level.
You'll find out along the way, if Mr. Bread is a good character or a bad character, so far he's just a strange character.

He said that the story doesn't make any sense. I think it actually enhances the game and it makes a lot more sense now.

A guide on how to beat this game, and a short review.

I might have gotten a world record i don't know. I am really glad at least in something i did, even in such a silly game like this.

But the game is really good, i genuinely really liked it, from music to graphics and fun value it is really entertaining.

The strategy is simple, just cut all of the customers and serve it to the pet when the time to feed him runs out slowly like here.