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I loved this! So cute, so beautiful, the glitches give it charm.

awesome game!

This TV looks delicious.

idk either i am waiting for someone to respond i am legit sh00k right now screaaaaming and cryyyying

Hmm, I am not a game developer and I don't know how to do that,

BUT I have successfully replaced textures in unity games in the past using "UABE", Unity Assets Bundle Extractor. Try this:

haha YES I DID

Above the surface in the purple sky, entirely outside the wawsp nest. (Both when it happened and after) No clipping through anything, just in the empty sky. About the weapon, I was just very unlucky and threw it on the floor, hoping to catch it, but instead, this happened.

After it happened, the sky very suddenly turned black, it was outside the Wawsp's nest, but there was nothing else in the whole map other than it so you could go directly in.

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hey among us it's me i just wanted to say i'll be back in 8 minutes i need to do the dishes please write back love yu

Feedback: I encountered a bug which made me lose my sword. Outside of the wawsp nest, on the top, above them, I was just flying, then suddenly the wawsp's bossfight triggered and I was out of bounds, it looked like a dinosaur.

Good news. I couldn't, but my friend CrissCrassCrossCruss, was the first to beat this game! :)


The picture in my opinion is more appealing than the gif.. Yeah, I have a bit weird preferences lol.

Awesome. For the time of a game jam, the graphics and models, the way it plays out, sound effects, aesthetically is very nice. It's a funny concept. I am looking forward to see this game get continued.

It looks pretty cute. I am happy with what's left.


Nerding out on


This game is.. Something! I would recommend it most definitely. It's very intuitive, reminds me of Gasosta a lot, it's very fun to play and the gameplay is very fun. G-good!

That is very neat and cool. I love how Sera looks and is designed, awesome. Dreams are really important.

Very cool two button diving experience with appreciated ambience.

One of the biggest/most creative bitsies i've seen (i didn't see a lot of them, as you can probably tell)

How interesting. What an interesting depiction. A giant cube, with people sitting on grass, discussing their favorite games. It seems like they (pixels) got too involved with their games, and the cube is a depiction of how the world is bigger than what you are focused on or your interests and you are always open to new possibilities. The cube is just one pixel, you go around to share your experiences with others as well as listen to their experiences! Well done! Socializing matters.

Looks REALLY promising <3

This is awesome. The atmosphere of this game feels very pleasant and gives off only positive energy. I need more (everything) like this in my life. As ghosts might have said "vibe", I am vibing in this game. Beautiful pictures/music.

I really love how you featured a music playlist for people to listen to while playing this game. Very sweet, shows your care ;-;

Beautiful. The drawings, the way it flew, the colors. THE MUSIC! The music is wonderful, please release it somewhere ;-;

Awesome! very well drawn, motivational, inspirational, interactive adventure through text and a couple images.

Hah! So fun and pretty. You just walk on the beach, chill with your friends, take cream, sunglasses, and then find so many shells, you just turn into a crab! *crab noizes*

I like to review and comment at the same time under a game, either way, whichever I choose first, I have to rewrite the same exact quote into the review because it doesn't allow me to paste in or out, any text. I think it's frustrating and I would like to see something done about this.

Extremely minimal beautiful and lovely ;-;

Looking forward to this.

I really enjoyed playing this. Minimal, not advanced graphics, but the artstyle, the way the camera moves, and most importantly the gameplay was very enjoyable. I don't regret playing this. My favorite levels were the harder ones in Course C, the three fan level and the last level most notably.

Downloaded this game for the first time (second since it stayed on my PC for a while), and got this in my feed literally minutes after it started downloading.

This looks AWESOME!

Awesome! should get into Yume Nikki and similar games more, lol.

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It's not 666 dollars! You can download the game for free on Press "Download" and, "No, just take me to the downloads", and there press the download again.

The one you are talking about is Mr.TomatoS++ which costs 6 dollars 66 cents (not 666).

You don't actually need to buy it, just leave a 5 star review and e-mail it to the developer.

This game is awesome! Closest we get to super hexagon in terms of inspired.

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I knew this had ton of potential! This update is INSANE. The soundtrack, visuals and messing with the rhythms/windows was awesome. Artist's block level was so cute. This game is awesome (previous one had kanye west LOL!)

CONGRATULATIONS! I am extremely proud of you. You deserve way more, lol.