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Ok, lets talk about the creator himself and than the game.

So, as i have saw in the description, he tried making a game jam game and this was his first attempt. For a first attempt that was great (I am not a developer, but i have tried it and i know how hard it is). So let's not judge him too harshly.

Well, the game is extremely empty, there is absolutely nothing there. But for obvious reasons i can totally forgive him. Well, i didn't like the text based part of it but the graphics, they were ok. The game is just short, limited, and the gameplay is boring. I think that if you will expand the game and make it longer and work on the gameplay and models (basically everything). You could do better, but this game is. You know.

So, i think that you can become an awesome developer for this site if this is your first game. I think that this game is blend but if you will try harder, get new ideas, and improve. Watch more tutorials and e.t.c. You can do it.

But for real, this game is NOT GOOD. But for a mini game jam game it is ok. I am being harsh. 5.6/10

Sadly the first person without the frog avatar. :(

I am sorry guys.

That's lame.

Honsetly the sound is loud and it makes me wanna cry. But other than that.

Honestly i kinda liked it. The idea and models were pretty neat.

I really would like the game to be like FNAF, even though i sound like a normie. Because you could defend yourself and there would be jumpscares. That would be really cool if the monsters could attack you and you would have to not drop the ball, and defend yourself. If you won't do it you would get jumpscared. That would be awesome if there were more game mechanics. But the gameplay is really boring and nothing really happens. If you would improve it that would be an 8/10, but without that. 6.7/10.

Oh. The problem was in my browser. I just had to refresh the page.

How do i download this?

I SAID JK 10/10!

But honestly i completely understand it. My favorite quote is 'Even if you are being ironic it still might be bad". Well honestly it's funny to play it one time and forget about .

For those who don't know, the origin of the yakubovich painting in this game.

I know it's unfair to rate your old games but i rate all of them. To be completely honest, this game is scarier than your other games. I really liked your first use of blender models. It is funny and scary both. I don't know. 5/10.

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Just a cute wisdom from a snail. I like it for being wholesome. 6/10.

Wow, that was a really good game. The art, the platforming, the idea, the story, the music. Everything is good. It is pretty hard and i didn't beat it yet. I recommend you to try to improve it more than the postjam version and try harder and you will succeed. 9/10.

The game wasn't interesting. The art and music is really good. But, the game is really boring. You just hold a button to go to the direction and shoot really simply. You obviously could improve. 

The game is cute but it's too simple.

Also the field of view is bad. And the controls seem not good because you cannot move your character. 4/10

This was a fun game. It is actually a bit scary, the models were ok. The game was based on memes and actually funny. 8/10.

Well, it is just a fun platformer with classical unity and nothing more. The game itself is very empty, but the idea and graphics have the potentional.

It features an hardcore epic metalica dood who wants to give a gift to his daughter. You can make potentional of it but it is just VERY simple in the gameplay itself.



That was something, it was something AESTHETICAL. You always make epic projects, not as good as your other ones but that's pretty cool.

Actually that's just a bunch of ELECTRIC_POTATO.EXE's falling down your computer. I don't know how to rate this to be honest.

Well, it's a simple strategy game. The style of it is nice.  A simple idea in a simple game. 6.9/10. (no joke intended).

Well it is okay. Totally ok for a 7 day game jam. The music is ok and the models are normal. It could be better but meeh.


The one with the switches at the start at the santa's house.

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Honestly, i didn't beat the game. The puzzle was pretty boring and hard. I couldn't beat it. Now for everything before the puzzle. 

This game is pretty laggy and it have broke my sound system. I have a shitty computer.

The game is.... I couldn't say original but it is pretty original. The intro sequence took 70% of the game. The fonts and models remind me of dave microwaves games. The game is honestly pretty fun and original. I really enjoyed my time with it. The music was creepy and it made it better. I actually would enjoy a chase scene in games like these because it actually was creepy. If the models are original then, the game is good.


To be honest i have never played this but i watched the youtube videos because i don't have a VR. It's pretty cool and i liked the style, color palette, and the models were pretty cool in the low poly style. It reminded me of that one flash game from 2010. The music was simple and the models were cute and moving smooth. Pretty good game for a VR. I mean it's ok. 7/10.

Well, i mean this is getting repedetive and your games are fun but after 3 parts they get kinda boring. Still pretty cool. The map is long and ok. There were not a lot of shaders but it was ok. 6.7/10. I still like the last parts more.

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It's alright, the controls are intentionally bad, and the word daddy in the title makes it worse but aesthetically better. This game has nice models, art pallete and an idea. It is something you play and forget but it's enough for having fun. The only problem is that it is repedetive (i have 1200+ hours in geometry dash btw) and there is no music. While playing the game and looking at the title i recommend you to listen to this because the title sounds weird. 

Nah, not really. I am totally overrating the game because i have standarts as a cat. Enough is enough, 7/10 is the perfect rating. 

I mean, it follows the creepypasta and it's pretty original.

I could say it's ok to be honest. What i didn't like is that it seems like a fake game, the colors and the speech bubbles seem like an RPG maker game (it is) just make it better. It's ok, 6.5/10.

I love the meme but normies ruined it it just isn't that funny anymore. You just put dead memes in it for it to be funny.

I don't know, even for a meme i think it's lazy to be completely honest.

Just kidding 10/10

I mean, i don't know. It's not very original and interesting but it's still pretty fun. It uses the baldi idea but it isn't that bad. It kinda doesn't really have the aesthetics of the original game, it is more of a tryhard free unity asset store models horror games using baldi. Baldi has it's own idea and originality, it is a parody of old games, while this is just a horror game doing nothing special.

The models, if they were more original they would be pretty cool. Just don't use other games for your own games. 4.5/10.

I am really sorry for posting this, but am i the only one who finds erie really sexy?

It has a nice idea, graphics. But it is pretty short. This game isn't good or bad. It is just meh. Like you can do better. 5/10.

I mean, it wasn't bad. It's ok. Just a little mintue game in which you can play one time and then forget about it. It is very cute with all of the voice acting and and the whale sprites. The controls are bad intentionally. You can improve by making something at least 5 minutes but, I guess you can say it's ok. Also there is a gamebreaking bug in which if you collect the presents and then reset the game they still remain in your inventory. 4/10 to be honest.

Ok, this game was fun in it's own way but i will give it a 1/10 because the game roasted me. So frick off.

Before you read the review, i have loved this game as a joke. This is just me overlooking at secret meanings in this game.

So to be honest, i like memes, shits and giggles and jokes. This game would be a 1/10 if there were no aesthethics. Again, if the game has it's own aesthethics then everything is acceptable. The aesthethics of the game determine everything about it. This game has "haha" meme aesthethics. This game is an extremely good and a quality shitpost. There are no game mechanics and this game is just a F you in the face. In a good way of course, cause this game is a joke. 

So let's start reviewing this as a joke and nothing else.  You have made a playable joke in a video game and it was awesome. The game doesn't allow anything for you to do. Basically your skill doesn't matter. You are worthless and a loser in life. When you try to search something to play with it is just a


to you with just "Nobody loves you" appearing (or something like that. You cannot even draw or name your child without getting roasted. Ironically, it is unironically an extremely funny game to play with friends and laugh until death.

And now lets be serious. This game is just unplayable to the point of it being funny unironically. I hate games like these because they are repedetive and unoriginal. But this game is pretty funny if you play it for the first time. Everything you do is a joke and that is just awesome because the game becomes just a little bit unpredictable.

Now lets get conspiracy going on.

This game is the embodiment of what i like to call: "Beauty of the child stupidity and innocence"

If you think about it everything in this game has a meaning. Imagine a child playing or making a videogame. What would he type while naming his character? Something stupid that seems really funny. Like "Hitler" for example.

Fake color names are in this game because kids try to be funny with their small brain creating humor, and jokes. Like naming yellow collor a white color.  The "peepee drawing" is what a kid would probably draw when asked to draw a body part. The edgyness of children is kinda cute actually.

Making a joke game mechanic, like run where you cannot win is something a kid would make as a joke.

That is why this is the most realistic


 So, this game might be a joke (most likely though), a seriously shitty game trying to be funny, or unironically the saddest and one of the most beautiful child simulators ever. 

We will never know.

Nah not really. Just a fun little joke you play one time in your life and forget.


Now get out of here because i am tired of typing this.

This game was a really fun game and i enjoyed. I am unironically really surprised there are no reviews (i mean ratings on site) on this game yet. since a lot of youtubers played it. Even markimoo. So, basically this is another meme horror game which i surprisingly enjoyed. Maybe i will grow up to be with no standarts at all because i have extremely low standarts. But here, lets look at it from the start.

The music in this game is (i would be really critical if i would hear that somewhere else) but i think that every song should be aesthetical to it's meaning. For example, mariya takeuchi can be listened in funky and happy situations.  Speedcore can be listened when you are sad and just want to dance. Funeral music is to promote sadness and respect the dead one. I love all of the pieces that i just named even though they are extremely different.

Now, imagine how deconstructive should an meme horror game sound. Pretty funny right? Two simple midi notes repeated over and over. That is pretty aesthetical even though it totally sounds like shit. The soundtrack is a solid 6/10.

Now let's talk about the models. The models are either really quality or the developer took them from asset store. The jumpscares and models are extremely OK for this game. OK doesn't mean good. It means pretty fine. Neutral. But i kinda liked them and the public toilet, prison was pretty cool. But i really didn't like forest models. Cuz they looked like just a lazy slenderman type game on unity type of models if you know what i am talking about.  7/10. (7 is my favorite number goddamit).

The gameplay, i liked the gameplay since it was simple but not too simple. Like i liked the camera movements in this game (there is nothing better tbh).  Just looking at monsters and the FNAF type game is ok and pretty common for this

So, the aesthethics is the most important element of a game because  everything can be forgiven if this game is a joke for example. The aesthethics is a solid 7/10. It was just awesome. 

Everything there  was good. So, make more games like these if you want but you won't make a living out of them because you must change the aesthethics everytime and the elements. Otherwise it will be trash. 

Most importantly, if the idea is good and it is acomplished good then it is mostly good. I don't know about the idea to be honest.

ok enough talking now stfu



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I honestly unironically kinda liked it. I will spend some time rating the meme itself. The meme is trash because it is overused and used by a lot of normies in an "Hello fellow kids"! way.  But this meme is extremely wholesome. There are no ironic and edgy punchlines, this meme looks like an 2010 meme because of wholesomeness. That makes it just awesome. Now back to the game. It wasn't good or bad. It was ok, the lebron model was kinda funny and bad at the same time so nothing that bad. The game is better then most of the games because i literally saw one time somebody uploaded a picture of a duck to this website. I recommend you to make more original models and try making cutscenes and dialogue and chase scenes. So, 6.7/10. Don't get me wrong. For a meme this is an awesome game but overall it's ok.

I have found the funniest bug ever.

Thank you for replying! If you want i can help you. If you will reply i will type a really long strat or explain it in the video if you want.

Ok, so now that i have beaten the language level. Does anybody have any strats or guides or tutorials on the history level?

Does anybody remember this game? Well i do.

If that is the case. This is supossed to happen

Hello everybody. Thanks to the community help i was able to beat the language level. You can see me beating it here.

Also mrdrnose, please but me in the board for this again! :D

Thank you all!

Does anybody know what numbers should you put in the elevator on the language level?

This game has an intresting idea.  I didn't understand how to play it because i don't understand french. Please translate it to english because i can't rate the game if i don't understand what to do.

I use this word extremely often, but this game is very aesthetical. If you would make it FNAF type or something like that, it would be unironically scary. This game is just a funny joke nothing more. Also i recommend you to distrot the sound to make it even worse and scarier. 6/10