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I think that "So Bad It's Good" media is art. You can't just do something dumb and claim to fame. But this is pretty nice.

The game is something you'd expect from this, but the spinster's model is hillarious.  I laughed the time i saw the final boss

s p o i l e r  a l e r t

getting flushed in the toilet.

Make more, seriously.


That's hillarious.

This game is pretty fun first 2 times you play it, but you can't play it for hours, even though i could play japanese gameshows for 4 hours a day. Since all of the items and tasks repeat. The characters (the japanese host), there is something about him that makes him interesting. Maybe because he is a grandpa, maybe because of his hat. I also scream "YOU ONLY GET ONE!" everytime it appears. 

The visal part is nice, but it looks a little like clipart. Like the phone and the garlic looks like something that will happen if you google "phone clipart". But looking at the host and the kid, i understand that it's original. So it's great.

Just add more tasks, (like 50 of them, it sounds impossible but this game would be REALLY fun after that). Because you can play it after that for long periods of time. And more items. I am looking forward for new updates of this game.

How did you do this? This is hillarious.

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I love games like these, humor is only great when people make their own jokes and not use someone else's memes. Piss people will tell you that "Random XD" memes are awful. 

Here i have proof.

I have photoed them and that is what they say. They also prefer leauge of legends to leauge of piss so you know i am right.

I think that sometimes something can be so obscure it is hillarious. This is the example of it, other example is "Revenge of the sunfish", or "Johnny Series". 

I think that this game is the magnum opus of humor. First of all, i love how the game transtitions and changes it's own genres unenviromentally. First thing you know is you play a visual novel about 3 gamers, and then you randomly get into Touhou 18. I also learned superpowers while playing this game as promised in the description. 

Jokes aside, i know this game is a meme, but Aini has such a good character design i kid you not, it could be an actual anime character. Also the critical scum bus is the desert bus. And the soundtrack is unironically kinda nice. I unironically expected fanart of her in this game. She is that good. добрый вечер лига мочи.

Could you please make more games like this? I could talk and talk about this game but it distracts me from playing this game.

Impressive for a first game jam. I appreciate you using low-poly style. Since shitty low-poly will always be better than shitty high poly.

The models, i have nothing to say, but they are simple and cute. 

The game is simple as hell, but all of the invisible walls ruin the fun.

Also i recommend you to use other skybox's than Unity's default one.

Since the game is easy and 60 seconds, make more games. I am interested.

Obviously, the ".exe" games are infamously hillarious. But playing them in this time and age made me nostalgic.

And most of the are famous for being trash, this one is actually well made. It's old as hell though.

I didn't like it, the game is as blend as stock photos.

Shooting fat Waldo's are funny, but there are no models other than that.

The walls, sky, sounds, everything is just an Unreal Engine stock walls, literally. At least change the texture of the walls, and gun models. 

Gameplay is alright, but the game is as empty as the backrooms. Improve your models and textures.

I have some criticism, but before that, let's list the pros.

The idea of the game, dog, intentions are great. I also enjoy multiple endings and choices.

I hated the gameplay part of it and art. Story and intentions are good and stuff, but the game must still remain a game. This is just an interactive story where you choose what happens. Make the player decide more of the game than just clicking yes or no.

What i can say about the visual part of the game. If it is original, i respect it. But it looks a lot like clip art and stock photos. Like it looks like free google images. I don't have complaits about your art style and drawings, just make the art more original, you can even make it more random if you want. It just looks extremely smple. 

And, the fonts are just the most normal, not interesting, blend, and simple fonts ever. Like even comic sans would be funny. 

And animations, the game is like a single frame. There are no animations at all, except the phone shaking.

But i like what you are going for. With practice, you can do better. 

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I don't know how to rate this, but it actually disturbed me. The concept of lost media is very interesting. This game is so unfinished and so unplayable it's funny. Now do you know what is scary about it?

Imagine if this game was actually sold. 


Imagine actually going to a marketplace and buying it. And then you see this.

And after that, you wake up in a korean hotel, in a pool with your organs spilling out of it. Because you didn't read the "readme.txt", which was an agreement to you getting doxed by playing this game.

And you die forever, just to play this game.

Truly a creepypasta hidden in a meme. Like you can't tell me it's a joke.

2 Stars for made up lore and laughs.

I don't support Wanking Simulator on steam, but "Don't Get Caught 4" with story mode on steam would look great.

This game was hillarious, from the awfuly unquality hand,jpg, to the art.

I liked every single painting in there. Also, could you add more and expand the game. So that it would be an hour long or something.

I know you probably aren't interested, but how about you try to make original games? You probably could make a Unity game.

Truly a classic for me, i remember the Vinny's video appearing in my recommendations for a lot of years and it is almost iconic for me.

I am a little disappointed, i don't know why but half of the game got cutted in this version. The game ends quickly, there is no LSD: Dream Emulator, or Yume Nikki in this version.

The game, i am not afraid to say that, is in the egglike genre. Hillariously weird and (sometimes) original unity FPS games. I actually thought this was a horror game, but this was the first time i clicked on it. And only now i know about it being an egglike.

What really is hillarious in this game, is the model of shrek in the first minute of the game. Like this model, this model is blessed. That ultra lowpolyness make me wanna laugh. First time i saw it, i laughed. And after that it stopped being funny.

Well the onions, integuments and everything like that for 2014 would be hillarious and shrek is an iconic figure, but still.

Then there is a long walk that is just boring, and after that we get a model of shrek on the house burning. This image is being referenced, in the neil cicierega in this video, (i strongly recommend you to watch it fully) at 2:51.

After that (in the good verson), you get LSD dream emulator parody, and after that you teleport into Yume Nikki house and 


Commit suicide.

After that, you get jumpscared by shrek. 

AND THEN, the game crashes. 

and there shrek kidnapps you and opens a file in your text document.

Well at the time that was funny.

Love this FPS Controller, great for hillariously bad unity games, and egglikes. Pretty nice for my standarts.

I didn't really like this game. It would be inetresting to play a game about a company, but this game doesn't have an ending, sound effects, customers, animations, you just click buttons to make coffee. Also i figured things out but a tutorial would be appreciated. 

Also the fonts and art seems bad for me. They seem too stock, and unoriginal to me. And the art i don't know if it is but it looks like clipart to me. I think that even comic sans would be more fun, game just seems boring.

There is a lot of stuff to improve. I really hope you will improve. 

I have high hopes for you, you can do better!

Well since it was made in 1 hour, i liked it. Not the best simulation you can have, but for 1 hour it's alright.

This game kind of was random and weird, but it was alright. It wasn't weird to the point of fun, but the models and sound effects were alright. The ending kind of dissapointed me, i expect more of this game.

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That is a really great game. Not a lot to say about a typing game, but the a e s t h e t i c s (overused word) in this game are on point. The fonts, animations (of letters), backgrounds, music, city's, random weird words, are good enough for me. What you could do is expand the game to have more words and levels. Not a lot to say. The game is easy and fun to play.

Also more music would be great.

And a leaderboard that you forgot about for a year of course.

Not going to talk about the original game because i have a lot to say about it, but instead i will talk about the "CoOl AnD fUn BiRtHdAy BaSh".

But still, Baldi's Basics itself for me, was hillarious for the first time i saw it.

Only the first time though, because the obvious "Sonic's Schoolhouse" parody made me laugh. And the aesthethics (overused word), aged well. Pixel artifacts, mspaint.exe, midi's, jokes that 13 year olds would joke about in 1990's schools, disturbingly scary transitions from 3D (Baldi) to 2D (Principal), and a lot more, character design. It reminds me of youtube before 2015 era. If anybody remembers the "Barney Error" videos. Also, what i find to be just hillarious, some youtubers actually don't even know this game is a parody. They judge it like a real horror game, and it isn't bad in particular, but they do in fact say that graphics are bad.

What i think made this game popular, is originality of it. Yes i know, the gameplay obviously parodies oldschool slenderman fangames. I don't remember any games before that parodied educational games before.

If i would be critical of it,

This game is just not worth a kickstarter and a steam release. I'll admit, it might be hillarious, but thats's it. It seems too blend, like a Unity walking simulator. But, if you will improve and make it at least 7 times better and more intresting, i will be interested. Like merch for this game what?

Ok, we are talking about the birthday bash here.

At first, i thought that this is a cashgrab and it's the same game with changed graphics, but i got surprised a little.


s p o i l e r  a l e r t

Obviosuly, the ending is parodying scary sonic.exe fangames. It surprisingly was unexpected, the game completely glitches and weird things start to happen. Scary sounds start to appear, if i would describe everything in detail, i would definitely be like game theory. In general nothing that interesting happens. Then there is a small puzzle and after that a LOT of glitched pink baldi images appear and break the game by lagging it. The sound becomes scarier and scarier and this image appears.

It might seem like nothing much, but it is disturbing if you look closely at the characters their faces are distorted. Not in the sonic.exe ways, but they actually look creepier. And you can't even close the game, just ctr+alt+delete the game. 

I have high hopes for this game, you better make it creepy, funny, and weird at the same time. With 30k dollars (what) you can make something awesome. Just don't make it look like other unity games.

Nice game overall.



This looks cool!

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Really great game.

I think that the reason this game makes difference compared to other games, is the use of the cyberpunk style.

Critically speaking, i think this game gets really boring sometimes, since i have been stuck not knowing where to go a couple of times. And then i realise it was obvious, :D

To be honest, cutscenes and the game seem cool, but the levels get really blend and boring.  I think that the level design, colors, models should change a lot more.

Like the last level seemed awesome but it was only the last one.

Even though this game is supposed to be played for like an hour, i have wasted good 5 hours playing it. While watching YouTube.

It's nice, but i would recommend more gameplay, (Since most of it is walking finding the path), and more unexpected things.

By that, i want to say that the game is really predictable, the paper level got me surprised and it reminded me of an old half-life mod.

Like even jumpscares, and things flying into you would do, even though it is an awful decision the game gets really boring. (It definitely is a nice experience if you play it for a hour, but since i got dumb i have played it for 5 hours.)

But again, it's not a bad for this game. Since stuff like that will completely ruin the game atmosphere.

There have been several intresting and surreal games that actually had memes in them. Which is extremely distasteful in my opinion. So it is ok.

Also, i think that expanding the story for this game, with characters and stuff like that will be great. Since the character design and art in the cutscenes (If original is perfect).

Nice idea and a game, but you could still improve. For me it's a 7, or 6.5. Decide for yourself.

I haven't bought it yet, but this game looks sick.

The game is broken, it doesn't work.

It says 


Application folder:
"Game directory"
There should be 'Baldi's Basics Field Trip Demo 1.1_Data'
folder next to the executable".

It does in fact work, because the folder inside of the zip file has a working version. Apparently the .exe in the .zip is just nothing. It doesn't mean anything.

Not copmlaining, but if the game doesn't work try that.

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Does anybody remember the deadly files creepypasta? It is a russian, ukrainian urban legend, about computer files that kill you. I have actually believed this and was into it when i was 6, in the first grade. This got me into ARG's and creepypastas.

Well there are a lot of these, like 200 pages of names of these. But i really liked these. And it's nice to see these of a game platform like It is more of an interactive story. It tells a story in files. Even though SCP-603 is kind of a normie story, it is still kind of nice to see people make "games" like these. 

Well the folders themselves aren't that cool, they are mostly random stuff for randomness trying to scare the viewer. But it is still pretty original for this game.

6.5/10 for originality, or a 7. And 4/10 for contents. They aren't that good but i liked it.

But cichy lato was great. Make more ARGs and stuff like this on At least it's not static images.


Oh and also, i would recommend you to make more games that break the fourth wall. Games, that are playable. And try to add art there. 

Еще, я конечно скептик и не очень хороший детектив. Но мне кажется что ты cichy lato опубликовал сам на дваче /arg/. Неплохо!

The meme is dead, but i liked the game. 

I honestly hate this and most of the memes because they aren't funny or original.

BUT, this game apparently crashes your computer if you open it a lot of times. And that is awesome, it's hillarious. 

Make more stuff like that.

(the game isn't even that funny, but that is hillarious).

I know it's idiotic to type a review not konwing how to play. But i have tried this game, it seemed awesome, and apparently you can't play it without a VR. Could you please make a Non-VR mode? That would be appreciated.

The game doesn't load

/music plays

I wish you the best in making it. You could improvise it in time. So don't hurry.

Yeah, you could make this on android if you want.

Yeah it isn't good as a game, but as an experience i guess it's ok.

It mostly is only about motivation. Pretty cliche like (don't give up), but it isn't bad. If i would rate this as a gameplay, it's a 1. But as an interactive video it's ok.

Just add more gameplay. Seriously, like a chase scene or time limit, Anything!

I don't know that much about how to review it as a programming tool, but i really loved the butcher. I call him butcher but his name is probably batcher. The character design of cmd.exe is awesome. Also i subscribed to the music channel.

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Really great game. Most of the horror games are repeating themselves, but this one is pretty original. At least for me.

I think that it is about isolation, and probably it is something like "We live in a society", about goverment being bad and stuff.

The art is really simple, but i really liked the filters. It is awesome,i love the aesthetic.

Maybe it is true that houses are prisons, but it is mostly some philosophical stuff.

People who are at cults probably actually feel like that.

The game starts off (i guess) something like sims. You choose what to do and it seems like a fun game. But it repeats over, and over, and over, and over, and over, e.t.c. And the main character gets annoyed, and probably escapes reality? The idea is extremely simple, but it is pretty cool. Great game, i rate it 7/10.