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First time someone reports this error, could you send your save to our email please? It is located in the "D: \ Games \ KillerProject-V1.02.03-pc \ game \ saves" folder. Thank you.

Hello, what version are you using, could you post the complete error message?

It was necessary to make some events in the history of the game make sense, especially the end of chapter 2 and what will happen from now on.

Nine chapters.

We only saw this happen once and it was a case of corrupted game / persistent data saving that was caused by the computer being under a very heavy processing load from other applications. Unfortunately the way to solve this problem is to start the game again(recommended) or load a save before that point (not recommended, as it is not possible to know at which point the data was corrupted). What platform are you playing on? windows or android?

Most fetish-related content will be optional, the idea is if you don't like certain content, don't visit the girl who likes that kind of stuff.

English is not our native language.

May 20 for the Patreons, early June for the free public version.

No, the content will start in chapter 2 to be released in May.

Femdom will definitely happen, wait until the MC starts working in college.

Thanks for the feedback, for more news about the next chapters visit our  Patreon.