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Yeah... in retrospect the level 9 dog was a weird choice

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Hiya, thank you for the support!! <3 Unfortunately, we won't be developing Ruff Times further. It was made for a university project and now we are all off working on our own (super cool) separate projects!! 

Hello, thanks for playing so glad you enjoyed it!!

And yes, that was most definitely our intention - this game was part of a university project in which we were to make a "game for impact"

Hehe, thanks very much for your support!! We really appreciate it <3

Thank you !! We are glad you enjoy it <3

This is to do with the program WinZip, just uninstall it

Hi! To open the game, download then unzip the and double click RuffTimes.exe.

Let us know if you have any problems.

Enjoy!! :)

Thank you!!! 

And terribly sorry ...... :3

oh dear...

Haha, sorry!! We hope your heart has recovered now, thanks for playing and sharing our game :)

Thanks for playing!! <3

Oh wow thank you!! This was actually made for a university assignment where we had to make a game for impact. A lot of research was conducted around the topic prior to game production, so we are very glad we were able to do the issue justice in the end!

Hehe thanks for the support!! <3