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Thanks a lot, all finished now, I was totally stupid to not find it :).

Very nice puzzles. Finished, now I'm definitively blocked at the most bottom-right pink star, the last one. It seems to be impossible to resolve.

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very nice and progressive progression. But the level 48... Need to make a long pause after understanding the solution :). There are a bunch of good ideas and the realization is just perfect.

Thanks a lot !! This is a fantastic puzzle :).

the green character is at bottom and there is no indication about way to put it near the green trigger.

Thank you, yes I made everything, most is in rough state here, as the enfine, but I hope I will manage to take time to make progress on it.

Thank you very much!

The time to package and create the page, the submission was closed, but I made an unfinished entry here:

nice :)

Sympa, c'est joli, c'est dommage que les contrôles du personnage soient un peu difficiles.

I loved "Jelly no Puzzle", happy to see some clones :)

ok thanks :)

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is tong jyun one of the transliterations of cantonese, minnan, hokkien ? It's called tang yuan en mandarin with pinyin transliteration

I loved the prologue, this is the kind of aesthetic I relly like and try to work on. Work perfectly on Linux with Wine.

What ?? Is this he personal name of a character?

I created a partial post-mortem of this game for the jam, need to complete it. for the second week part.

Oops, launching again the game to take screenshot and add a banner on, I just noticed that first wave of enemies is not triggered in the released version, I changed too much parameters at the time of the release :(... I will try to update it on official tic80 site, until the end of the vote and change again on after the end of the vote.

Thanks a lot :). That's one of my favorite too :). I have the idea to create a clone/fan art game for long time.

Thanks a lot. I totally agree for controls. I believe that's perhaps the planet that move as the spacecraft, this movement is good in a tunnel (as I planed to add later, but not in space ^^. Will try to patch this soon (after the end of the vote).

Using airship to travel between planets , is easier than by foots or using submarine ^^.

Yes, I procrastinated too much this week, didn't have the time to make a real level, this will be the next step.

This is so power consuming, that it freeze my system on an old Core i7 :(.

Avoid, js, it is very slow, long and complex to parse. Lua will be several times faster.

Very interesting and well finished generator. Great to make comics writing constraints :).

nIcely made, but the main character is a racoon not a tanuki (a dog sometimes called racoon dog).

Nice game, I thought to make one of this kind on tic80, but you already made it :). I like the move of the body, depending, on the head, I didn't thought to do such a move.

For information, you can, instead of calling sin/cos (adding subroutines and code to interpret, do this, this work on both Lua and javascript:


Great code and piece of software else :).

Nice gameplay

There are no screenshot I can't find any video on youtube and that's one of the rare games that don't works on wine for linux, but lot of people says that's a beautifull game.

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OOps, so I didn't read well, the topic, sorry for the noise.

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Yes the first answer was

>I'm interested in the jam however I'm not sure where to start.

And then ask how to make a fantasy console.

But the FC jam is not about making fantasy console, but about making something with existing fantasy console. This could be confusing for other people too.

There are already a list of Fantasy Consoles given on the jam page...

Works perfectly on Wine (for Linux users, like me) :).

Really nice game, interesting puzzle, nice artwork/music. Finished it in less than 1 hour, but in a passionate way. Thanks a lot.

Really nice graphics, animations, ideas and challenge. Works perfectly on wine :).