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There are no screenshot I can't find any video on youtube and that's one of the rare games that don't works on wine for linux, but lot of people says that's a beautifull game.

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OOps, so I didn't read well, the topic, sorry for the noise.

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Yes the first answer was

>I'm interested in the jam however I'm not sure where to start.

And then ask how to make a fantasy console.

But the FC jam is not about making fantasy console, but about making something with existing fantasy console. This could be confusing for other people too.

There are already a list of Fantasy Consoles given on the jam page...

Works perfectly on Wine (for Linux users, like me) :).

Really nice game, interesting puzzle, nice artwork/music. Finished it in less than 1 hour, but in a passionate way. Thanks a lot.

Really nice graphics, animations, ideas and challenge. Works perfectly on wine :).

I seen ! That's really fantastic and now understand better your style.

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I like the handmade graphics in this page, very nice. It would be probably better to use this kind of graphic, using seamless tile editor to have parts matching, isn't it ? The main character is really like a stick currently, should perhaps better to have as main character, the kind of strange characters you drawn :).