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thanks :)

you cannot get the kickstarter demo anymore mythman12 officially saids this

you can no long get the kickstarter demo mythman12 official said this 

you can no longer get the kickstarter demo the public demo will get a new update soon according to mythman12 but the full game will be $10 so you have to pay for it and the public demo will have far far less features then the full game

awesome a new demo update is gonna be sick and i also a message from mystman12 about release date "That is a placeholder date, but I plan on releasing the game some time in early 2020. But yeah, once it's released you'll get a download code for it." so the demo should be before 2020 maybe for christmas?

please can you just make your own page and not post your stuff here

can you please change it from red and make it something more eye catching when i look at your page it just gives me a huge headache 

how about you make a twitter post a bunch of screenshots there and on your and after a while maybe a week or two you post your link here telling people how many updates you've done

go create a page and stop posting your stuff here this is for baldi basic full game demo not your game

and as a side note the full game will be $10 so you cant get it for free

its the version with a new map and special events like the fog machine breaking and stuff but it doesnt include the randomly generated maps and other features from the kickstarter demo

mystman12 doesnt look at the comments i suggest you try to contact him via twitter 

in the future it'll be coming to PC first and then in the coming years like 2021 or 2022 it'll be released on consoles

when you pre-order the game it saids estimated delivery 01/2020 and dont forget you have to pay $10 for the full game it will not be free

the full game will be $10 so i doubt it'll come to android or ios but the original version is already on android and it'll be coming to ios as well

wheres the full game public demo mod menu

the definition of spam is someone posting the same thing or something where it shouldnt be.... your literally doing that

dude go make your own your spamming the comments and people do report you

you have you buy the full game when its released it will be $10

come on man.... stop posting your stuff here your just spamming the comment section why dont you create your own page so you can post updates and stuff without spamming

who's hyped for the full game release im so glad i payed $10 for it

no idea why he wants it but i pre-ordered the game for steam so when it gets released fully or whenever he decides to give out steam codes etc ill get a code and can start playing it fully

you can only pay for the game as of right now via the kickstarter page dont trust any other website i highly suggest you go pre-order the game for $10 like i did and wait for the full game to be released

you can no longer get the kickstarter demo you have to wait for the full which will be $10

he's porting the old baldi basics to android and ios not the new one 

not yet do remember the full game will be $10 so i suggest you pre-order or keep an eye out on steam gamejolt etc

gotta pay $30 to get the demo with the lockers or pay $10 and wait like a year or two for the full game to be released

Did you not read my screenshot that I posted it saids Baldi basics digital download - steam and the price is $10

Check the Kickstarter on the FAQ it saids $10 right now but it can change in the future 

Congrats man I just bought the game now I suggest you buy it in November so when December comes around you get the game or you’ll have to wait to 01/2020

You have to pay $10 to get the download have you not checked his Kickstarter

yes it is

i have to wait till 01/2020 D:

mystman12 has stated before that he is working on an official port of the classic game for ios and android just gotta be patient 

cant do that its on steam meaning if you tried to open the files it checks if you have the game on your steam account and if you dont it tells you to buy the game or the game doesnt exist

from what i looked at you only need to pay 10 pounds for just the game the rest are extra stuff like DVDs soundtracks box art etc 

sorry man but not only do you have to buy the kick starter but you get a steam key and once activated its bound to that account