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My computer wont open the game as they said it might have a virus or something that can harm my computer

around the pyramid the broken wood hit box doesn't exsit but if you step on it your stuck forever since it just reappeared 

can you fix mac version and Linux

First apparently  when you are around the time where you meet the firtility god in person while your pregnant (or maybe a feature) your main charater cant birth seeds like will never give birth 

So right of the bat the bug (for mac) it needs a role to specified and more that I don't know. And when you meet the blacksmith where you make yourself the weapons any d if you talk to the man a lot then the game can't find the man picture which it buged my game  and I have to redo all the work i did (Which i forgot to save so it was all lost)

in mac it keeps crashes for no reason


The mac verson is still broken by the grey screen for no reason

well for M1 chip the newest edition 

I cant open it in mac so can you make the download separate  

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technically i forgot idk some ending error


for mac i cant open for some reason 

Still didnt work the box is to hard to kill

and idk how to do the background

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io your game is broken (its in mac)

Thanks dud or girl ummm but still thanks


Absolutely LOVE IT 

Umm i found a glich that i donk know how that a screen flip upside down 

I love it but it don't work properly in macbook m1 chip so i can't take it anywhere and i can only use it on my computer.