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Poor Track Design

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Catchy theme song!

I liked the environmental variety; reminded me a bit of Streets of SimCity! Using the taxi driver role to provide additional motivation to explore (as opposed to just driving around at random) was a nice touch.


Thanks, glad you got a kick out of it! Procedurally-generated voiceovers is an intriguing idea...

Thanks for the video and for finding the "reset city" bug! Also, sorry for your laborious climb up city hall; I've updated the description above to emphasize that it's possible to jump while holding a web even if you're not standing on something.

Neat and well-executed idea!

Quite amusing and a genuine challenge!

I liked that Digimon guy at the start.

Nice work on the item handling system; that's a tricky thing to do well.

A setting for mouse sensitivity would definitely be good to have. Alas, with only a week to make this, sacrifices had to be made!