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Poor Track Design

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Thanks for taking a look!

I originally implemented file/directory selection using Godot's FileDialog class, but it has some bugs related to file type filters and a couple other issues. Ultimately I decided simply using a text field was more robust (it also has the side benefit of being more amenable to automation via tools like AutoIt), although I agree that it's a little awkward.

A sobering prelude to armageddon.

Although the exact nature of the illegal breadcrumb scandal remains unclear, I enjoyed herding the ducks around. The effects of two undocumented controls I discovered (left-click and right-click) were also entertaining.

The ability to instruct a train to leave immediately or delay its departure is a nice touch that complements the track design/switch management mechanics well.

Also, not sure if this is a bug or a limitation of the demo, but after completing the "Stripey fields" and "Double fence" levels, no additional levels were unlocked.

Regardless, looking forward to the release of the full version!

Catchy theme song!

I liked the environmental variety; reminded me a bit of Streets of SimCity! Using the taxi driver role to provide additional motivation to explore (as opposed to just driving around at random) was a nice touch.


Thanks, glad you got a kick out of it! Procedurally-generated voiceovers is an intriguing idea...

Thanks for the video and for finding the "reset city" bug! Also, sorry for your laborious climb up city hall; I've updated the description above to emphasize that it's possible to jump while holding a web even if you're not standing on something.

Neat and well-executed idea!

Quite amusing and a genuine challenge!

I liked that Digimon guy at the start.

Nice work on the item handling system; that's a tricky thing to do well.

A setting for mouse sensitivity would definitely be good to have. Alas, with only a week to make this, sacrifices had to be made!