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Thanks for the feedback! I'll upload a Linux build, but don't have anything to test it on, so I can't guarantee it won't be even buggier. If the Linux build turns out to be worse, you can "hack" Resources/Save/Player.xml, and set all the <globalBools> to true. That should get you to the good ending if the bugs are preventing you

How did you go disarming the bombs in the training level? You can only disarm them safely when the light flashes green. If you press space while the light flashes red, it'll blow, so you need to watch/listen for the correct timing

Glad you got through! You didn't miss anything, that keycode door and computer are just cosmetic, so I might remove them in order not to confuse/distract players. The plot is linear by the time you've reached this late stage of the game, so don't worry about missing anything else

Hmm. Maybe it's because I'm using a 2014 build of Unity? No actual bad stuff included in the download. Promise!

Thank you!

Awesome video, dude, thanks so much for making it! You sounded so relieved when you finished it! Apologies for the difficulty...

Thanks so much for making these! I watched your play-throughs of the next 5 missions as well. It's really satisfying to see this game played so well. Can't wait to see you do the final 3 missions!

It's inspired me to finally finish off this game. Thanks again!


The keycard opens the warehouse exterior door safely even if explosives aren't disarmed. It's the INTERIOR storage room door that blows the bombs.

All 3 bombs need to be disarmed before you open that interior metal door, or else: BOOM

Thanks for that! Will have it fixed for the next version

My bad! Should be downloadable from the app now.

Late reply, but thank you so much! I hope you do get to make that game someday!

Thanks! Near the end of development now. That special items room thing is definitely a bug. Good catch!

Thanks for the feedback! Too much recoil? Too long to reload?

Thanks for commenting!

Sorry about the "Run" key, made it rebind-able and defaulting to both left and right shift in latest version.

Good point about the items, too. As it is, most items are random. In some later missions, there are locked rooms full of sentry-guns and body armor, that spawn every time. I do like the randomization, as it requires more careful thinking about what to take on a mission, but you've made me realize I should make the randomized item spawn dependent upon what's already in the player's inventory.

Others have mentioned the C4 too, so it could probably do with a nerf.

Thanks again for playing and taking the time to comment, It really helps!

Thanks for this as well. Fixed the mission 4 and 5 bugs, possibly the mission 7 bug, although I can't seem to replicate that one. Fingers crossed, latest version is all good!

Appreciate the feedback! The reinforcement period is different for each mission. In mission 5, the first wave takes a while to spawn, but subsequent waves spawn much faster. It's pretty punishing, I admit.

For harder missions, I always pack the Radio Jammer, which reduces the number of guards spawning, and increases the time it takes them to spawn. Possibly one of the more useful late-game items. Almost essential on missions 5 and onward. I'm impressed you got through mission 8, though!

This was a late reply, but thanks for taking the time to play and give feedback. Much appreciated!

Thanks so much for posting, it helped me find a potentially game-breaking bug! Seems that continuing the campaign after restarting the game causes conversations and some messages to glitch out. It will make getting the best ending impossible. Will have a fix shortly.

Until then, you can edit Player.xml file in Resources/Save folder and change the "currentMission" number at the end of that file to skip ahead to other missions if you get stuck.

Thanks so much for making this! It made my day.

Thanks! Eventually, I plan to add a "single mission" mode and release the mission editor if enough people are interested. All the modelling is done in Blender, with an ancient version of Photoshop for the textures.

Loved it! Like Hakaiman but plays much smoother. Really well balanced too, I actually enjoyed being forced to change weapons rather than horde ammo.