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It's a really good game and the graphics are great!
The only thing that bothers me is the amount of kids in the game, which makes it a bit uncomfortable, ESPECIALLY when they comment on your naked body. I know it says at the top "all characters are 18 or older", but it's very hard for me to believe that when the name tag of one literally says "little boy".
Please put less children in this or at least don't let them interact with the lewd scenes, then I'd feel a lot more comfortable playing this game and wouldn't be scared off like that.
Other than that, this has incredible potential and I can't wait to see where it goes. Great work!

Really sweet and beautiful game, I enjoyed it a lot! :)

One of the most adorable games I've ever played! Angie is my favorite, best girl. <3
I also can relate to her so much as I myself am a comic artist. :D

Really disturbing game! I love it!

To be honest, this game was far better than I expected. It was really good and I just love games that make them seem "alive" (like if the game closes itself, or changing something about the code to get a different path).
I was really surprised when I suddenly saw a different screen when I started the game up again, but  was happily surprised, since from this moment I knew that it was one of "these" games. :D
Really great work and I wish there were more games like these in this world!

I thought the graphics were incredibly "sweet" so I downloaded the game.
But I did not expect so much fun and such a charming story!
Every single character is so lovable. I really enjoyed this experience.
Thank you for making this! It's really amazing!