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I read your whole review multiple times because I could not believe you thought it was OK to criticize a game for being inaccessible to you because you couldn't do the central premise of the game. You said the game gets more and more inaccessible, because of something you can't do. That's exactly what video games are supposed to do, if you play a puzzle game, if you can't figure out puzzles, eventually you will hit a point where you can't continue. That's not an accessibility issue, this comment was like someone who can't keep a beat complaining to someone who made a rhythm game that the later stages were too hard. You don't need accessibility options you just aren't able to do one thing, and have to choose your life choices accordingly, and not complain when everything doesn't go your way. I'm terrible at shoot em ups, but I don't complain to the dev every time I die too much. People's brains working differently is a reason to make different games, not to change every single game to fit every person, that was my entire point. 

This is not an accessibility issue, you're just saying that the game is too hard for you. Struggling with visualization is not a disability, everyone's brain works differently, and that's why there are so many different games for different types of people. 

I loved the bit I played of the demo, I didn't play far because I'm waiting on the full release. Are there any "bosses" in the game? I am very eagerly awaiting this, I think it's going to do really well.

I just played part way through the steam demo. Everything is in place for this game to be very good. Not sure exactly what the end goal is but the base gameplay is amazing. It feels a bit linear, at least to start, and I get why, but I feel like a bit more of a nonlinear feel would push this over the edge to great. The writing could use a bit more brevity. These things aside I loved what I played and look forward to when this releases. 

Is there a way to show the color of the next block? I feel like that should be an option. Also, why aren't you charging for this? Just give it a real release, have you seen the crap people pass of as competent puzzle games these days?  

If you make a little character sprite and rework levels this could be one of the best things on the gba. As it is, it's one of the most impressive, and very fun, I still enjoy playing this.

This was one of my favorites from the Jam. Lots of potential.

This was pretty amusing, and great art. 

Super smooth running, very impressive, one of the best in the Jam. It needs a vertical inversion option though.

Super nice graphics, I love the potential, though I've yet to make much happen in the game.

This was the game I was least excited for in the Jam (just because picross is such a known factor) and it was probably the second most fun, and the aesthetic is great, I really liked this. 

This is the best game in the Jam by far, great job.

Well that was a very charming little monologue. I'm actually writing something (not a game) that deals with similar subjects, and I appreciated it. I want to know what happens if you select the harsher option at the end of the game though.

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I liked what I could get to work, but it wouldn't run on my gba, and it was acting up in an emulator.

I just tested this out on my gba sp. I think sounds not overlapping is fine, because in general this is like beatboxing, where you're just creating a cool simple rhythm, the space between is most important.

I think in your shoes I would have also gone the route you did where directional keys modify, that's the most elegant and pleasing, but after testing this out I think Bass snare on BA, and then symbols and toms on the d-pad would be more fun and kinetic for creating cool beats. 

As usual, a really cool bit of design, I am yet to dislike a release of yours. I wish more game designers were as committed to designing something interesting as you are. 

Always love stuff like this, nice work. Though this makes me super sad about that person who was making the ocarina gbc demake and lost all their files. 

If you completely port Mario 64 to Gameboy, a tall task, I will give you 64 dollars.

Yes I strongly agree. I love your stuff. You are not only adept at making playable games with a lot of depth, but also have a great grasp on play design, and storytelling. And I don't hand out compliments like that to many people. 

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I hope this game is a finished product at some point, I look forward to playing the whole thing. Is there a way to donate for it? Thanks for your hard work!

This is so cool. This as a part of a bigger Game would be about the coolest thing ever.

This is great. I love it.