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I just found out that it will not only lower your energy, it will fill up your seduction points as well, so maybe it is intentional. It is a grape bush 1 right and 2 above elder Han.  If it is intentional, there might be dialoge missing.

Oh, do not worry about the rpg maker issues too much, I hate that with all the rpg maker games. Especially the waiting time for the text to finish. Or that there is no dialogue log. Or that you have to double select items again to actually do something with the items you already see. Or that fullscreen is not a button in options. (The list goes on ;-)

That focus is not visible at certain places in the menu when you would want to know this value might be improved. Like, when munching fish, you do not know how much focus you currently have.

What did kinda worry me, was this testing with carrot villager. It looked to me, as if my save game might be corrupt. I guess I was not supposed to be so far in the game, without having Abby. It eventually resolved itself, but I did wait to advance the Sherman event, till I got Abby and only then talkted to both again. Bascially I could not talk to Sherman or Jessie route would start without me even having encountered Abby. Also, this "Abby" I never met, dragged me back from the Orks.

The customer count for the brothel might be wrong. Or my save game got corrupted somehow. I now have 3. No pamphlets, but upgrades to the building. It was 6 once with pamphlets.

The mermaid thingies might be buggy. I have lvl22 and 634en with collar. When first equipping the collar at lvl21, it was 400something. It is 886 with the mermaid one now. The refill item that sounded like it would be similar to animalize seems to not work. But the non-faint item is very usefull for orks. I could do 3-4 with timing the boost you can get in the event, but the ones on the world map were only possible with the mermaid thing.

The only really bothering thing about the majors wive is that she pops up a dialog every second. And it is inconstistent, when she "sees" you with her back turned. I did find one of the hiding places enventually and how to sneak past her. Maybe hide an item in there and make it repeatable.

If you want to minimize event questions, you have several possibilities. Make things like appearances a thing of character options that can be switched in menu. I imagine that rpg maker engine dictates the limitations, but you could have character specific equipments that are just how the chars look in events. They could change the maximum amount of sp or increase cost to start events. Or expand on the board options to ask something like "start with quick board selections for x sp?". The board might give different options for all recurring events. It currently only works for some events.

I guess the grape bush of death on the mountain is there intentionally (it removes 200 en).

Mary sold her v card twice. Once to Abby and later to Anno.

The tea time and the lunch break are not exclusive, but they seem to work like it.

I occasionally had Mary's profile image in the dialoge on the bottom for a single dialogue, without ever having Abby or Mary in party.

The message board tells the wrong version number.

The pamphlets seem similar to wine, but do not tell so in description. Looked like a bug at first.

The futa thing came a bit unexpected. You do well to have that shown at least in a screenshot. Some people do not like surprises.

I can wash my clothes from certain substances without ever having encountered those fluids.


Some more subjective feedback:

The starting incest was a bit offputting.

When I discovered how to go to from the mountain area to the lower part of the mountain area that made my day. I had to double check if that was possible earlier. I. did. Not. See. It. Well done. Similar for the spa entry.

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The game is lacking a certain goal and motivation, but it is not finished, so we will see. The rpg part is good in it's own right - which is rare to see in a lewd game.

(This is for 1.19)

Stuff that bothered me:

The rpg maker mechanics in general. Too many unnessary clicks. That engine is very player unfriendly by modern standards of quality of life in user interfaces.

Jessie/Timmy no longer gives carrots after Sherman has certain events. And it is kinda bugged how this starts. Also, this can happen before you had your Cecilia events, making it very hard to obtain the starting carrot. (Yeah, I did finally discover, where to get a carrot a cucumber and milk in one go)

Majors wive having eyes in her back and stunlocking me with her message.

No starting phase with orks, to use skills and items.

The ork collar is easy to miss, in combination with the non-hint at the cave for the scooba mask. It looked like a level requirement or a skill requirement, with the "later" text.

No sp option for the spa event to pull out

Despite reading the walktru later, I did not find the path to the grape bush. Also, the village is called campsite there, which is confusing.

Bugs I encountered:

You can enter Sunset Cliff at a time where you have not the abilty yet to leave a cliff you get pushed down, resulting in a dead end.

When Sherman gets to the next step, Carrot villager is no longer talkable. Instead there pops up a gender testing, and party after that is only Jessie and stays Jessie, at least for display. I had not encountered Abby so far, at that point. When I finally got Mary, I could repair that by using Mary in an event afterwards.

From what I remember, those accounts did not lose the ability to sell their game on itch. But rather itch did not want to act as merchant for them. While itch did not state clearly any specific reasons, I suspect a combination of different factors, including international tax issues and a cost/risk evaluation (all of which are higher for adult games). The accounts would still be able to sell with direct payments, but that is not possible for some accounts, due to payment processor restrictions. But they would still be able to have a game page and advertise their steam, patreon, subscribestar and whatnot. I would hardly call that a ban on adult games, as some called it back then.

Having sfw on by default will not gonna change anything about this.

But having a sfw mode will definitly open up some interesting possibilities, including making it easier for some streamers to play your game.

You might even consider a "sfw" release that can be (officially) patched to be nsfw. Some anime style games do that. Possibly to have a non restricted rating on Steam, so they can be browsed unrestriced and even sold in markets like Germany.

If the game focuses on female pov, you might want to tag female-protagonist. If you have more than one main character, you can also tag male-protagonist in addition to that.

cheating is a common storyline in normal porn

And a lot of non porn drama and slice of life stories. I do not get the hate on such an everyday trope.

People see two dicks in a game and yell ntr, as if this is somehow threating to them. What do they do if they watch a drama movie? Hide under the pillows? Most of them do not even know what is meant with ntr. Neither do the developers using that term. Yes, two dicks in a game seems to be the common definition used by the ntr haters. No matter the circumstances. And if actual cheating is meant, their male character will usually cheat on all the women making the whining hypocritical.

But wait, there's more. It is curious, how those ntr haters go to game pages where literal ntr is in the name. It is written on the tin, and still they beg and ask for "avoidable". That is like going to a gay furry game and asking if the male on male action will be avoidable. What is the point?

A history box or back button for displayed text would be nice.

There are engines that do not even have "instant" text. Which is kinda mind boggling, since "instant" text is the normality in computers. You have to take extra effort to display text not at once, but putting each word or letter after the next. Imagine a website displayed like that. Or any text document.

Are there really people wanting text displayed like this? I skimmed a bit on the net, and apparantly the majority sets this to instant, the instant they open any vn type game. So why is this even in games, and if so, why is the default not instant?

I would wanna bet, some famous early vns used that style and when the genre was popularized, they just copied that feature without thinking if that feature enhances the game. It is not, imho, it is distracting, for the simple reason of how our eyes move when we read text. While I am not a T-Rex, I do react to movement such as moving/appearing text. Maybe it was voiced vn and they had the text appear at the speed of the voice but the vn without voice acting did not change the feature. Some do utter some sound effects while the text appears.

Probably some idiosyncracy, like people using wasd with their pinky on shift, instead of resting position with index on f. I get cramps if I try to rest my pinky on shift with index on d. And I need the little bump on f to secure my position. There I believe the historical reason was some kind of keyboard barrier how many keys you could press at the same time and shift was counted extra, so they did not use esdf, but wasd to get access to that extra key.


Interesting game. But could you please make the instant text option do what it says. There is almost half a second delay for a three line text to fully appear.

I never understood why anyone would even think about displaying text like a karakoke sing along text. Just because it is possibly with computers? Do people really read at the front of the appearing text? That might be doable for very slow appearing text. But if it is reasonably fast, it distracts because of the apparant movement. And you cannot "prefetch" from the corner of the eyes, hindering reading speed. Our eyes move in jumps, not continously - and as a triva, many people are not aware of that fact, or that they are blind while the eyes move.

The game is no longer quarantined, but it is not good to upload versions as different projects, especially with payment active. People expect updates.

Did itch accidentally delist this game instead of a scam?

Why wait on confirmation? I do not see activity here recently, so at the time the dev might respond, the malware will already have done it's damage. 

Oh wait, you think it is only pirated, do you? Those impostor games are malware. And for the rare non malware a report does not hurt either.

Maybe because of all the hacking ;-) 

It is not quarantined anymore.

I am not trying to bother you. Maybe your previous experience is, that the warnings you read about were false positives. But please do not generalise from that experience. There is a lot of malware on itch and warnings should not be taken lightly.

How was this solved? I am serious. The developer asked for feedback and there is not a single visible interaction from the developer since.  Random people claiming it is saf, or that many games have false positives, is not a solved situation.

If you do not have a very, very good reason to believe it is a false positive, you should never ignore such warnings. Not on itch. There is malware uploaded daily here. 

There is also malware uploaded all the time. Please do not give such advice.

That file here seems clean. There is a dll in it from unity that does some things that one scanner on vt takes issue with. Might or might not be about that unity tracking thing. That being said, there seems to be a lot of warnings for the download versions and the devs do not know exactly where those come from.

Worst case their development machine got infected. So maybe a bit of patience is prudent.

Anyways, an unknown and therefore untrusted dev's files should not be allowed to be executed, if there is any warning. Too many real scammers here. And the game is not really fleshed out anyways.

Please do not remove the game and reupload a new version as a new game without a very good reason.  There is no need to have the version number in the project title either. You can have updates and devlogs on one project page. Even different versions, if you are below the size limit.

The game will be removed from any collection by doing this. Peopl can put games on collection in browse to look at them later. Also, if you change the link, any bookmark or outside linkt to it will be invalid.

The screenshots look nice enough, but I have a huge backlog of games to try out. I only noticed that you did that, because I could not find you in my collection and my browser history pointed to a different link that now is not accessible.

Is there a way to search for games on Patreon? I do not know of any. I think on Subscribestar you can search for similar accounts.

And Steam does not count in my book, because your product has to be near finished. They have quality standards on top of content restrictions.

You cannot buy development version games anywhere that I know of, except on itch.

On Patreon and Subscribestar you only get temporary access to a snapshot. You do not "buy" the game there, only whatever bonus the developer might give you. Same for other "donation" sites that enable devs to get money somehow.

The reason why people "sell" games on patreon/subscribestar is as you said. There is a market for that service. And that service is buying indie adult games.

(Oh, and the example above with the 50% or so was for real life porn. That is what those cam girls pay.)

There is no clear definition of pixel art. Neither tools, nor technique, not even resolution nor color count define it.

The style of those pics is pixel art. You would not use these backgrounds in a photorealistic or a cartoon setting. You would use them in a game that has a general pixel art style.

Or do you have a better name to describe the style? And to split a hair, something can look a style without being the thing. Like oil painting style for a digitally created image.

They are. You can even give away steam keys. Or integrate with kickstarter.  What they do not like, if your game page consists soley of a link to elsewhere.

And since itch actually does not offer subscription, there is some confusion about what you get on some game pages. Especially those with version numbers. Some devs have the bad habit of releasing separate subscription versions of their project. While there is a certain logic behind this, it is also not how a early access work in progress project is supposed to be "sold". You are not gonna ask 240 bucks retail price, just because you developed it for 24 months and had a patreon tier with 10 bucks for access. And the devs I am talking about would release 24 projects on itch...

A lewd game with the lewd stuff being the game mechanic. I consider these the best type of lewd games. Most other games are just regular games with naughty bits on top. Especially the visual novels, they are just soap opera with a bit of interactivity and eye candy.

You could do with more tags. exhibitionism, train, stealth come to mind.

Wait. What? You do not know where to put the links or you are not sure if you are allowed to? There is three places to put the link. In your profile, in the more information box and in the description itself. Itch does not provide all those boxes to put links in for nothing. You might want to flesh out the page anyways and make absolutely clear, what people get, when they pay. Or what they do not get. The the game page has a version number makes it a bit unclear.

Just activate the setting and uncensor your account ;-)

(3 edits)

Lot's of idiosyncracies here. Yes. Like there being two search boxes. And the search-search box only searches title names and short descriptions only if there are not enough results. And not very good if the titles have clutter that is not a name. Or has ' in it. They have to put manual aliases for that. They really should make their algorithm ignore such things, as it does with CaPiTaLiSaTiOn. Your game pops up for baldr's alone, but not baldrs squid isekai. Too many games with squid or isekai in title and the results for partial title match are cut off randomly.

You moved the [] in short description. That is an elegant solution. 

For the crowd here I would suggest a demo version or a limited web version.  This is not steam, where you can give back a game no questions asked. But it helps that you are an established developer. My opinion for new developers: if you release a paid game here without free demo, you gonna have an extra hard time.

That's a good one. I have tears in my eyes.

Over 800 followers will have this in their feed and if you do promotion anywhere, people might find the page on search engines. Also people looking at your profile.

Unless of course the page was not made visible back then. Right now it is indexed.

But with this title you can't find it. You need to get rid of that [] stuff. People will only find it by full title Baldr's Squid Isekai [18+ Adult] , including the special charcacters. Searching for Baldr's Squid Isekai will not find it on itch. Too many games with squid in title and the search algorith does not know to ignore the special characters in your title.

Part of reason why I hid that (for now) is because I couldn't hide the download text. I appended the download section to the download button up top already, so the downloads in the information section end up just regularly texts that take 4 more lines.

I do not understand what you mean with download section. The page only shows one button, instead of two and no texts whatsoever. And as far as I can tell you did position them with absolute by their class to have both buttons at same place or something like that. You also hide a lot of other commonly seen features, instead of styling them by your style. If you want to do fancy stuff, why not use some hover features to display those features when hovering over it, instead of permantently hiding them.

Anyways, I am just randomly browsing and custom styles bother me a bit. I am browsing itch and not homepages of developers. It should look the same, at least the framework around the content presented.

Oh, and then there is the itch app. Your page is also cut off there. Probably because the itch app uses a browser view with a side panel, so less width. And what I was talking about, how it should look the same from the outside goes doubly for something like a platform client. Imagine games on Steam looking different in the catalgoue. I cannot understand why Itch allows custom styles in the first place.

I had to resize my browser to read your reply :'-)

Maybe they can't help and do not want to admit it. But to be snarky, judging by the css blunders I have seen on this site, I doubt they could have helped much.

The search button dissapears everytime there is a sale. What? My screen is too small? Never. I shall use the feedback button to complain. Oh. Wait. I can't even see the feedback button, since it is also hidden on my tiny screen.

I am not really a css buff, but since you were able to none it, I guess you can do everything with that element, that the browser will do with it, short of javascript manipulation. There is no difference in principle between a user style and a server style, is there? The important I used was only to overwrite your none.

I doubt they would ban you for this, but they might revoke the custom css ability. They specifically ask not to alter the ui and only do cosmetics.

Keep in mind that this site is the same site that will be displayed on mobile devices and that people use different screen sizes and browser zoom levels and widths. Simulate it by changing zoom factor of your browser.

Your screenshots are offscreen at certain zoom levels, should you not have noticed. Open your page up in a phone. Or just resize your browse vertically or zoom in a little bit. Or zoom out. Your images are even offscreen at 90% zoom level.

Why should they help you resize elements of the page you should not resize in the first place. Give them a font and color scheme to fit in with your design. But you already did something to the comment box, that makes it be offscreen at certain zoom levels.

Also, why would resizing not work? 

This works very well in a user style addon:

        @-moz-document url-prefix("") {
            .more_information_toggle {
                display: block !important;
                animation: myanimation 10s infinite alternate;
            @keyframes myanimation {
                0% {
                    transform: scale(1.2);
                100% {
                    transform: scale(0.8);

Sadly, itch does not do it. Not properly. I have seen files that were detected by virustotal, yet were hosted on itch.

My whole point is, that questions like this are prudent. There is several malware games a day that slip through the net and appear alongside the legit games. At the time the question was asked there might have been a surge of dlsite games. It almost was a sure bet, any game remotely looking like one was malware. I am not joking. If you go to recent adult games on a weekend you will find a dozen or more of that crap.

That's what a scammer would say.

This one does not even have mosaic censoring typical for dlsite... ;-)

But seriously, there are many games uploaded here with malware in it, often pulled from dlsite - or steam for that matter. Or any other site. Often with the criminals impersonating as the creator and even linking to the correct patreon or steam. Chances are, that one of your games also was used for this or will be used in the future.

You should not hide itch ui elements with your custom css. Makes the page look suspicious.

Funny prototype. So her name means either Resin or Wood Care Wax. And distinctivly not forest fatty ;-)

Klingenblatt should be Blattklinge. Unless this is some kind of pun and the actual name of the weapon is Klingenblatt. It would mean bladed leaf or blade leaf. But who knows what those elves fight with. And there is this one guy on youtube that makes knives out of anything.

You go by mangoworks and not mango-works. Adding a minus sign or doubling letters is business as usual from the scammers.

You can't prevent it. Not without significant changes. And you as in you the creators least of all. It is something itch would have to do.

It is the users that can shorten the lifetime of a scam by reporting them and maybe harden their systems against attacks. If fewer accounts get hacked, it might someday be below the threshold, where it makes money for the scammers.

As a precaution, the sandbox method helps a little bit. The itch app provides one. And even before that, not downloading all the shiny new games from untrusted devs.