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A great concept, well implemented, and lovely artwork.

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Firstly, a very enjoyable and relaxing game. Thank you.
I've got a couple of issues to mention though. I've got to the end of the game and have the end screen, but it is showing fullscreen, borderless, and there is no mouse pointer, no exit button, and it's not responding to keyboard input, so there's no way to close it. I can't even mouse out of the window. The only thing I can do is ALT-TAB to another window and crash it out. Fortunately I'm on dual monitors as the game screen is still displayed fullscreen. I'm on Windows 7 x64. I did notice in Task Manager that the UnityCrashHandler was running, although the end game animations were still functional.
Also, it could do with mouse control for the camera, and not just on the controller, as I got motion sickness when running as the camera bounced around so much on rough terrain. I've played a lot of fast 3D games and I don't get motion sickness. So thought I'd mention it.

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Really good concept. I like games that are fun and/or enjoyable. This is both. And I liked the inclusion of puzzle elements. The car headlighting looks great. Hope you do more with this.

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I'm using a UK QWERTY keyboard, and when I write a message on Linux I get foreign characters when I press non-alphanumeric keys. (SHIFT gives an upside down !). But this doesn't happen on Windows. Is anybody else experiencing this?