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Пишите без ошибок и без матов пожалуйста, это глупо видеть таких людей которые пишут с ошибками.

Can I get the key to this game? I will definitely shoot this video on YouTube

Good Game

I like your games <3

Please add Russian Язык :)



Will be done!

I can make free advertising, or I can make an installation about this great game, is there anything to help me with?

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Game Release Date

Hello, When will the Steam release date come out? When opening, will there be a free game? Or immediately paid?

You're evil

Hello :( I wanted to play and see how autonauts will behave on an old PC, I did not expect such a result. Can you make a version for old PC (Just in case) can someone have an old computer.
I don't want to have such a purple screen (it's all because of the old video card so do pliz
I think you can fix it. :)

intel(R) Core(TM)2 DUO CPU - E6750 @2.66Hz 2.67GHZ
2,00 ГБ
32 BIT


Will you give me the key to the game? :D. it is so arrogant but still give?
or should I wait for a promotion for a free game. simple I do not want to pay :D Or can I look for bugs? And pass them to you                                   Well, the kapets game is so simple and fun. Waiting for updates :)

Zdrarova. Are you planning to make a game language? Standing from Russia and I may not understand the game

Are you planning to make a tutorial for beginners? It’s just that people may not understand how to play (just make a menu)

Add in the menu to the game.

can i translate the game? (I don’t have any programming skills, except perhaps modeling in roblox)

All I wanted to say :)

Developer! Will the game be paid or free in Steam? Thank you in advance

Hello! I have a question, will this wonderful game be paid or free in Steam? Thank you in advance.


Hello I now wonder how I change a character? simple i don't want to play for a girl 

Hey Ya! Explain to me what the differences are versions of Tito or NoLightingVersion. Just I have not found any differences. advise me which version of autnauts to play