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unless you cover the author's food and accommodation

The game creator's previous games have been particularly wonderful. Unexpectedly, this game is more wonderful


Because I'm not a native English speaker, I don't know whether the boy likes his new body, but I understand all the part of Izorath exploring the new entrance of the boy。。。

I was surprised that the name of the website that the character made money translated into Chinese turned out to be a porn website that really existed on China's dark Internet.The CockTwist can be translated into “抖阴”

I like this game,and I strangely thought it was kind of porn

The game became interesting, when I ripped off my partner's forehead and chest

Update the vehicle, I want to try the American police way car stop

when I saw the 炒锅 and the 大蒜、辣椒、白菜、酱油 on the cover, I just know that this is our Chinese food

this game is so interesting,but I need chinese,bro

SO CUTTTE! But Why is there no other CG? You can at least show us the picture of them kissing! Or can I get through other endings to see the CG I want to see? (doge)

This game is very detailed, as long as you turn right over the mountain at the beginning, you can walk to a place that looks like the desert of Terraria, and then you will find the pyramids and other hidden levels, and then there are left and right sides of the opening.,You can find a place full of clouds with cool flying worms on them. Also, you can get a potion of an artifact by combining alchemy potions with corpses.

他竟然是个男孩!? aaaaaaaah笔者真正了解我的sexualityhhhhhh