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Usagito Watashi community · Created a new topic UW

Very good and intersting game. The art style, dialogues, atmosphere, and story are great. Too bad this is just a demo

Miskatonic Diaries community · Created a new topic MD

I don't really know if game is still being developed or if it's already abandoned by developers, but here's my opinion:

The most obvious - right now there is TOO many bugs in this game. The most obvious example - when you sleeped one time you can't get out from your bed anymore. Doors often just won't work. Even main character can just stuck at some random place for no reason.

Controls are also weird. When I use arrow keys the girl walks very slow, but when I use mouse she will run like sonic the hedgehog, even walk on walls, trees, rocks, etc.

The game is also trying way too hard to be dark & scary. It should be more meditative, and the whole dreaming mechanic should be changed for something different, something more original. IMO this game doesn't need this TV filter

What I like is the art style and (potential) lore of this game. I see some sci-fi/futurism (?) elements. I hope developer will add more *hidden* hints