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polymer despair

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sorry, i'm not sure what you mean by library? you can add this twine to a public or private collection through the "Add To Collection" button on the top right of its project page (, and you should be able to download it directly from the project page as well! 

then i don't know what to do, i'm very sorry!

if you find the .html file on your local storage, you should be able to long press/press and hold it to open the file? you may need to download a browser app like google chrome if you don't already have one installed

i’m not familiar with android, but this game is a .html file that you open and play in your browser - no installation required! my search just now suggests you can extract the .zip through your android’s “My Files” or through a free app; if you still have problems opening the .html, i will do my best to help 🦇

i just tested the release version in google chrome and it worked fine, so if you are using a different browser there could be a compatibility issue!

thanks for your feedback! i've sorted out the issue with the file size in today's new release version. i have a couple projects planned for october/the halloween season, and i may come back to this one, so stay tuned 🦇 i hope you enjoyed "the Lyon"!

hmm - it should work on all browsers, but, you could try opening it in google chrome? that's what i tested it (and what im sure it works) o

it is available for windows! it's all one html file, so it should be compatible on... everything? i think

oh it is!! sorry, the platforms list isn't filled out since it's html and should work on - everything? i hope