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there is a typo in the URL in the description ;)

I think I found all of them but wasted pretty much all of them in my pointless fight against the knife thing. Perhaps an option to reload previous checkpoints would be helpful.

Really good teaser demo but I suffered a lot during that boss fight because I went into that last room with very low health and the two medkits were not much help :/ It took me way too long to notice that you are not supposed to fight that one enemy so I wasted most of my ressources that way and I did not really feel like starting all over again tbh. So maybe you should at least heal players for the boss to make sure it won't end in frustration. Even knowing the pattern I felt it was really hard to survive with low health. Anyway this is some promising work and the atmosphere was great. It reminds me of Cry of Fear and I think I'll get the Founders Edition to support you.

I love your artstyle <3

Trying not to spoiler it: you need to check the (playstation style) symbols, the lines on the trainstation maps and the points where they cross. Using all these infos and simple math you can find out the numbers you need.

really nice little tool. Would love to see an extended version with some more features like various exports, GIF-support, different aspect ratios etc. Would even pay a few bucks for it.

Just discovered this project and think it sounds pretty cool. Have you abandoned it or are you still working on it?

Any plans to port this to smartphones? Looks cool but I'd expect it to work even better on an actual smartphone than just emulating one.

I see but why is it not mentioned on the page itself? To be honest it feels a bit misleading to me.

So I was looking through your vast collection of PDFs and was amazed by the size of them. It took me a moment to realise that the text is actually from Wikipedia (at least the few bigger descriptions I looked at like Alone in the Dark or D). Is there any original text in there or are all of these basically just copy & paste from Wiki, old magazines and so on? I think you should make it much clearer that this is not really your own content.

your twitter link is broken ;)