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Thank you!

I feel like this game could be excellent with better controls. For example, shooting has too long a reload time for 'Circles in the dark' mode. If I were to suggest anything to change about this mode, it would either be make the light around the player bigger, lower the reload time, or make bullets glow. Otherwise, this game is really fun, and definitely kept me entertained.

Scratch Jam community · Created a new topic What is karma?

On the submissions page, there's an option to sort 'by karma'. Does anyone know what that means? If so, please can you explain?

Thanks! You're too kind!

Okay, it's totally fine if you can't do it =)

The spikes don't do anything.

I think this game is really good, but it would've been nice if the slime on the ground didn't disappear when you died.

61.606 on Custom Difficulty 0. Adding the rainbow mode was a nice touch.

The most stressful time for me. Not because i was excited, but rather I was trying to figure out why it wasn't public. Anyways, good luck to you!

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