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Honestly? Out of all the games I've ever found, this is one of the few that I come back to regularly. It's nice to just sit down and start reaping, and relax after a hard day. There are some other games out there that I still stick to, but none that make me go, "I had a terrible day so let's play this to chill out" as much as Mobs Inc. does. Thank you for making such an amazing game! 

I have to agree with you on choosing number 4. I’ve played games that do 1-3, and the problem I’ve noticed with them all is that it becomes a slog to grind for either the gold or the achievements (typically of the ‘Kill X enemies’) and turns me off of games. Having a new style to play would definitely be a breath of fresh air, so go right ahead!

Game is really fun, my main problem is how the spawn rates go up, there came a point where not only had I no lack of any resource, the only way I could keep my fire light was just to keep spamming torches and placing them. Eventually, I decided to just leave camp to try and despawn the snowmen at my fire, and I am not kidding when I say that in ~15 seconds or so, I died and had a huge horde of snowmen around me, like I have here. Plus the fact that they can spawn right on you, you cannot leave the fire past 10 minutes, and those first 10 minutes you have to spend getting wood/tools/torches, so there might be this giant map, but it might as well as be in space.

Overall, really fun game, just please turn down the spawn rates and make the game playable late game. And, if the game is meant to go on forever, I don't see how having spawn rates this ridiculous 38 minutes in is balanced  

This game was really fun to say the least. Physic's were well done, and any difficulty's I had were purely my own. 10/10, would fly out the system at high speeds again