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You have to fix the game a little it really kinda sucked at the end when I was on the bridge, but if it was fixed the game would be absolutely amazing! not that it isn't but just those bugs and stuff gimme that kind of annoyance you know lol. but KEEP UP the good work, and if you update it, lemme know :D

It's an alright game, it just needs a lot of work and polishing! otherwise keep up the good work, really needs fixing though xd

Great game, I had a good laugh with this xD

I found this game enjoyable, fun little game, would recommend it to other people

LOVED the game, I found it kind of funny, It did get my heart beating doe lol

I screamed... a lot... Like A LOT!

Fun game I got scared, I got the Silent Hill vibe in fact I think that is very similar to Silent Hill lol

 I was very angry because it took me 30 mins to find the exit and I always died!

Scary game, LOVED THE GRAPHICS, I think it's my favorite horror game yet!

Funny game, loved it
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loved thwe

physics it was really cool 

 Nice game and first game I did a face cam on thanks mate for this amazing game waiting for chapter 2

Love this short expedience horror game, funny at the same time thanks for create it, leave a like maybe ;)

Very funny little game I enjoyed it, no wonder my cat breaks my stuff


 I finally finished it and I really found it fun I will definitely play the full version

I liked the game, nice graphics, got some spooks

I think it's good they are advertising their games here, I never knew raft existed until now and that's to the game I want to buy the full version

Love this game, very funny and pleasant, the cops are so funny and I love the physics in this game, I recommend everyone playing it!

I still didn't finish it but I love it so far, very atmospheric, funny and the there was some scares here and there!

Um I think I went to the wrong movie screening

I loved the game, it's rare for me to get scared from jump scares but this game somehow did it amazing, I like this game because it's funny and scary at the same time great work man!