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this was very interesting

same for me, thanks for the tip

simple but fun


nevermind i figured out that if i completely close the browser i can restart so congrats on making the perfect game

great game. it's cool to see someone with the same feelings i have. i never played crime life but i have a similar experience with gta. the only criticism i have is that you cant replay the game (i missed some text at the end)

Great game! The art style is so cute and I love it

great game i fell out of the world 10/10

i made garf

perfection. the peak of gaming

This game is great! The only problem is that there's barely any enemies, which actually makes the game harder. Many times, I would run around the map looking for enemies, and when they actually appeared, they would catch me by surprise and I would quickly die. If there were more enemies, the game would have been much better as the player is constantly focused, and can learn the enemy attacks. Also, I would have liked if there was a button to slow down the player's movement, as the movement speed is way too high for a bullet hell game.

It was really fun, but the scroll bars were annoying. I wasn't able to see the entire screen, or put the game in full screen. If you fix the page, the game would be great.

Fusing tetris with platforming is a very interesting idea. I would have liked it better if the tetris blocks and the platforming character had the same controls, because it's kinda confusing to control both.

I'm not quite sure what you're getting at. The point of the bomb is to make retrieving your stinger easier by removing all obstacles. If you're talking about how the stinger itself is unbalanced, then I agree. I've thought of many ways to fix it, if I eventually decide to make a post jam version of the game. I'm glad you liked the game!

Thanks! If I make a sequel, I'll add different weapon types, and that could be a good idea for a weapon.

Glad you liked it! You're right about the stinger; it's extremely flawed. The reason you die so quickly is because I didn't want players to be able to pick up the stinger as soon as they lost it. If I make a sequel, I would make it so you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can pick your stinger back up, which would allow for more invincibility frames.

oh youre right! its kinda wonky though; sometimes it doesnt work. maybe make a larger cursor? idk

This was cool but I wish you didn't have to click on enemies, and that they would just convert automatically when your cursor touches them. Also, I really like the music :)

Yeah I agree. I feel like I should have made it so you can only pick up the stinger after a certain amount of time, so that you can have more invincibility frames after getting hit. The reason you have so few invincibility frames is because I wanted to prevent players from picking up the stinger as soon as they lost it.

Level 1 was pretty easy but I couldn’t pass level 2. The spikes are too long, and I could never get over them without getting hurt.

I love the art, but the game is confusing. It would be great if you added a tutorial.

Everything about this game is so incredibly disgusting and I LOVE it!

You're right; I would have made it so that the spawn position of the stinger is determined by your location, but I ran out of time. If that happens, just go really far from the stinger and it should come back on screen.

This was a really original idea! The only problem is there's not much to do. Maybe you could have made it so that you have to collect bones or something. It was really creative though, so I still liked it.

I don't know how to control it

This was really fun. I couldn't beat this area that you had to get through a gap shaped like the letter "i" and land on clouds. What I was able to see was really fun!

The game wont run :(

Cool concept but it's really hard. 

You can only use your bombs when you don't have your stinger. They just clear the screen. It is pretty hard, and if I had more time, I would balance it.

This was really cool!!

Cool game! There is one main problem: it is very hard to shoot. If you could click to shoot, it would have been much easier to kill the pirates. Having to aim with the mouse and shoot with the keyboard is confusing. 

This is a cool game!

pretty interesting, but it doesn't fit the theme

what an amazing game


Where is the download link?

stinkular game, but you need to add a save system.