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My apologies for the extra step. You have to make a new folder in your C: drive called Applications and put the game folder (AvA) in it. Then the .jar file will work.

Sorry. It's not playable on mobile. It's also not nearly as advanced as regular clash of clans. I started this project for fun when I was 15 and just learning how to code.

maybe you just beat them to sleep

I don't understand but I love it

thanks! I appreciate it!

You click on the guy to "bring him to life" and he drops the ground. He'll start running away from your cursor and you can pick him up and kinda swing him around a bit.

I made it a while ago so I don't remember the controls SUPER well.  I think all you can do is click and drag on the little guy.

thanks. you get what you pay for I guess

That never occurred to me but now that you mention it I will. Thanks!